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This is Your Brain on BaZi

Master teachers describe complex models, formulas and circumstances in simplified terms.  It is an art to transmit a very advanced model of mathematics, logical syllogism or conceptual framework in terms that are ‘for the rest of us’ without losing the authenticity that body of knowledge contributes to the greater whole of humanity.

Your Deck of Cards

Deck of Cards, Time Line

BaZi can be seen as an allegory as your own ‘personal hand’ in a card game.

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Visceral Confessions

Have you ever had the moment in your life when you say, “I knew it in my gut,” or “I know deep down inside…” or how about “I can feel it in my bones.”  Regardless of the language, culture or country of origin, every culture has expressions that talk about the body and the messages it conveys.  The problem is that we do not know how right we really are.

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Soul Power

Earth in Winter


My Grandmother’s BaZi

Who You Are

My grandmother, one of the most well-respected and longest practicing Curanderas (a Mexican and Apache Medicine Woman), in this hemisphere  told me early on in my training, that “The hardest thing in the world to do is to know yourself.”

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Father’s Day

 This is my father’s BaZi

“Fire in Winter”

Nick Flores' BaZi

Alternative Medicine and Healing

The true revolution in “Alternative Medicine” is that emotions matter.  Healing is the natural response from the body that says “I can.”  This may seem self evident for many of us, in fact it strikes me as “common sense;” -but as the saying goes, “if it’s so common why are not more people doing it?”

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It’s All About You


Ba Zi Basics

It is all about you and its all about time.

“Where do I start?” This is a question that everyone asks about love, life, career and their pursuit of knowledge, wisdom and happiness.  You must first understand that we are moving through time. There is a flow of time the ancients call “The Great Life Pulse.”  If we understand where to start (see the “Getting Started” page on this blog) we can understand events from our past to understand our present and future.

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