It’s All About You


Ba Zi Basics

It is all about you and its all about time.

“Where do I start?” This is a question that everyone asks about love, life, career and their pursuit of knowledge, wisdom and happiness.  You must first understand that we are moving through time. There is a flow of time the ancients call “The Great Life Pulse.”  If we understand where to start (see the “Getting Started” page on this blog) we can understand events from our past to understand our present and future.

‘Ancient Chinese Secrets’

There is nothing wrong working hard to learn ‘ancient Chinese secrets’ (or any other wisdom from antiquity.)  However, when it comes to the use of the ancient almanacs like the 萬年曆 (Wan Nian Li) understanding them can be a challenge. An important thing to know is that there is a rhyme and reason to the sequence of the data, the configuration and the analysis derived from these ancient texts.  It is very difficult to understand the world around us at times.  We need some kind of mechanism to understand sequence of events and life occurrences.

This blog  will help simplify, synthesize and authenticate these multiple layer of data we find when interpreting this information.

My goal for this blog is three-fold:

[1] To educate the world about BaZi Suan Ming, (八字算命) Qi Men Dun Jia (奇門遁甲) Feng Shui, (風水) and other “Life Fate” Sciences from both Asia and America.

[2] Develop an ongoing dialogue on the Medical BaZi (中國傳統醫學 八字算命).

[3] To help my patients and my friends understand the world around them by sharing the knowledge from my own family’s traditional indigenous healing system as well as the systems from East Asia that help people decide about their own destiny.

1 thought on “It’s All About You

  1. Andie Thompson

    Thank goodness! I will follow your blog with anticipation. I am grateful to you for being willing to share your knowledge and wisdom in this way.


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