Father’s Day

 This is my father’s BaZi

“Fire in Winter”

Nick Flores' BaZi

Alternative Medicine and Healing

The true revolution in “Alternative Medicine” is that emotions matter.  Healing is the natural response from the body that says “I can.”  This may seem self evident for many of us, in fact it strikes me as “common sense;” -but as the saying goes, “if it’s so common why are not more people doing it?”

There are many ways to understand some of the underlying mechanisms on how the body and soul heal.  From the perspective of my elders, my teachers and the accumulative study of indigenous healing arts, there are some foundational concepts that are universal.  These include a profound respect for nature and understanding that we are not alone. Native cultures  have always honored the mother and the father in ceremony and ritual, whether that be at a private naming ceremony or a Pow Wow.  It is the testament of time that exemplifies that these indigenous ways are here to stay.

Your story is your body

There is an old Apache saying that essentially says, “Your biology is your biography.” Your story is your body.  If you are unsure of what is going on with your body-check your “story” and vice versa.  In the complex world of healing and the fate sciences we constantly look to understand and aim to bring better change to ourselves, our families, our friends and our patients.  What happens in this journey is that we may get distracted on the approach on “how to get there.”

Your Truth comes first

Let’s begin with your Consciousness.  Three percent of what we do is conscious behavior.  97% of what we do is subconscious.  This is evidenced and restated from articles in psychology journals to op-ed articles in business magazines.  Non-verbal communication, as any person who has participated in a job interview “speaks” volumes.  Knowing this, we can start figuring out on a more pronounced level what “we really don’t know.”  This is the first step in a healing process.

Mind Body Spirit

I lectured at a local university medical school and hospital over a decade ago and I still recall a physician from the audience thanking me and stating “Wow the concept of mind-body is really important.”  I continued to explain to the group of residents and researchers that “While my work in indigenous medicine solidifies the ‘mind-body’ connection,” I explained clearly that there was no need for this categorization because “the mind and body have never been apart.”

The 1990 rule

Often when I tell my friends and those who come to me for advice and facilitation in their healing journey, they often do not understand at first when I tell them  about the 1990 rule.  What this really means is short hand for how the body can recover on its spiritual, intellectual and healing journey without doubt.  Let me repeat. WITHOUT. DOUBT.

The 1990 rule really means- 1% of your ailment (you can substitute anything- with words like pain, arthritis, blood pressure, hormone imbalance, etc.)- 1% is physical, 9% is mental/emotional and 90% is spiritual.

1% Physical

This means several things.  We only get really “one chance” to help the physical out.  Why? It is because we are only given the 1% to work with.  Now this 1% may rule a person’s life- but looking at the big picture, 1% is just physical. I recall sitting at Winter Sesshin called Rohatsu in the Columbia Gorge nearly fifteen years ago when I was meditating with several Japanese Zen monks and their students and the pain I was going through in my knees and legs due to the sitting process that began at 3am and went till midnight, for six days.  I remember at one point telling the Osho (the “head” Japanese Zen monk by the name of Mr. Oki)  that “I am doing ok- it’s just pain.”

9% Emotional

This really means that what it says. We relate on many emotional levels with everyday of our lives. Sometimes in the form of severe anxiety and depression the 9% rules the person’s life which would seem like for an eternity.  Emotions are real and we are just beginning to accept the consequences of our physical relationship to this in the forms of cancer, chronic pain and end of life / hospice care.

90% Spiritual

This is the most misunderstood of all areas of human Consciousness. We really do not understand the nature of spirit on so many levels, yet we see it as history repeats itself with war waged in the name of religious and spiritual natures.  The frontier in medicine is “spiritual” medicine and its only emerging out of necessity due to the limitations now being understood within the confounds of conventional healthcare.

I like to look at the “1990 rule” this way- God (or whatever people call or acknowledge as their Creator) gives you lots of chances to redeem yourself. This is one way to think of the 90% part of spirit.  We can “act” spontaneously and ride the emotional roller coaster some of the time which helps explain the 9% factor. If we cross the light against the traffic. We  get 1% chance for any kind of redemption when we take on fast moving vehicles.

Talking with your dad (or masculine mentor/role model) on father’s day – and YES -even if they have passed out of this life.  This  always provides a sense of healing and a function that reminds of me legacy and longevity.  What will my kids think of their dad as they reflect what we did for father’s day? I look forward to hearing their memories.  Plus, it’s always a good excuse for a barbecue.

Happy Father’s Day to my dad and all the fathers that have had to put up with the likes of us for over a millennia.

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