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My Grandmother’s BaZi

Who You Are

My grandmother, one of the most well-respected and longest practicing Curanderas (a Mexican and Apache Medicine Woman), in this hemisphere  told me early on in my training, that “The hardest thing in the world to do is to know yourself.”

We have the power of the information age at our fingertips and we find that content and information are plentiful.  The problem lies in the area that all options in the arenas of self-healing, strategic decision-making and understanding your goals are not created equally.  This means when you hear or read something “consider the source,” first.  Literally.

Consider the Source

Now, to the shaman and shamanettes out there, this may literally mean “ask the Creator,” which all things considered, may not be a bad idea. In the event of asking about important life decision-making processes we should always seek a second opinion. .  At some point, the Almighty gave us this innate ability to think as well as to have the capacity to think for ourselves. We do not have to ask Creator for everything; goodness knows the Great Spirit has better things to do than listen to “Lord, should I have fries with this meal?” (Ok, maybe not fries but a nice healthy arugula and walnut salad instead.)

War Making and the Meme

If our society is a reflection of these days of who we are, then we do need to figure something out…like now.  Rates of disease, economic downturn and general levels of war in your neighborhood and the world are at all time high.  If you do not think so, take a look around. The world is out of balance at the mind, body and spirit level.  This statement may not directly apply to you, but you know someone who is in trouble, who is “out of balance.”  The meme of war is everywhere; you hear it in commercials, see it on TV and read about it in the paper or online.   While these may be protracted attempts at clever marketing strategies, the IDEA is still the same.  War making thinking is alive and well in the thought stream, in the meme stream and in our consciousness, even if we are not paying attention to this.

Back to the Source

If a person does not disclose the origination of the material presented assume it is their own opinion. Remember, everyone has an opinion. As a bona-fide medicine man, as a traditional indigenous healer myself, I attempt in my best efforts to state all of my source material. If I know where the ceremony came from I will state this. If i do not know, I will state this as well. If  the  ritual was changed (yesterday or in the last 100 years) I will state this as well.  In addition, I also include the method of ‘forecasting’ which is being utilized when developing your  BaZi and Life Directions Map.  This practice is not only authentic in traditional indigenous ways, but also establishes an augmented level of trust and understanding between you and the person you helping.

The World Is Not Enough

I am always on the search for clarity and understanding in my own personal journey as well as with the world. Let me repeat this. The. World.  To understand what is going on around you, we have to understand that time is passing through us.  We have been given information in the form of ancient hieroglyphics that eventually formed into the writing we know today that can be found in the Wan Nian Li and the Tonalpouhualli. In order to extract precise information, we look at the calculation of the timeline, ‘Great Life Pulse’ and interpret and decipher the given intersections.  The goal is to modify and simplify the many alogrhythims to find the clear path.  Understanding the BaZi and the Life Directions Map helps an individual focus on the goals and activities that want and need to learn and earn in life.

History Repeats Itself

If there is one thing we know, things happen in cycles and identical dynamics repeat themselves. When I ask someone, “How do you know  you like your job?” A person, (you or I, for example) would typically say “well, I like it because of my previous experience with this job and what my gut instinct says.”  Now, flashback 5, 10 (even for some of us 25 years ago or more) when we had our first job.  When we were asked that question then, “How do you like your job?”  We answer the same way. You know the saying, “ONLY if I knew now what I knew then…” applies here. So, riddle me this: What makes your answer today any different from from the past?

Life Directions Map

This map helps a person supplement their decision-making process in areas of health, relationships, career and wealth. Utilizing different calculations like the BaZi, we are able to examine the data of material that repeats itself, discern the combinations of pivotal events in a person’s life.  I call this the ‘Position and Scheduling’ component of the person’s basic disposition in their BaZi. The Life Directions map “zooms out” the BaZi and the Tonalpouhualli and places this person’s timeline in the bigger cycle of events in the world, (at least the world according to them.)  With this additional material, a simple question such as “How do you know you like your job?” Can be answered with validity and precision from these calculations.

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