Visceral Confessions

Have you ever had the moment in your life when you say, “I knew it in my gut,” or “I know deep down inside…” or how about “I can feel it in my bones.”  Regardless of the language, culture or country of origin, every culture has expressions that talk about the body and the messages it conveys.  The problem is that we do not know how right we really are.

Healing starts with this: Before you figure out the “what” you have to figure out “the where.”

Your Day Sign Direction

Most people on their healing journey get lost, before they find their path.  My contribution to your healing journey starts with you and your day sign direction. This starts with understanding your Day Sign Direction from the ancient almanac relayed to us by Mayan/Aztec cultures. In conjunction with The BaZi from antiquity of East Asian culture,  your Day sign direction on the “western side” of the calculation of the Great Life Pulse, tells us what “direction” your day sign begins.

The Four Directions

Medicine Wheel, GroundSpring Healing Center

Big Horn Medicine Wheel in Wyoming

In most Native American cultures in North, Central and South America, the four directions (North, East, South and West) have sacred life direction guidelines established for rituals, ceremonies and rites of passage.  Furthermore, “the wheel” has been used as a metaphor for education on the use of sacred geometry of indigenous healing arts.   The key component to understanding your Day Sign Direction is essential – It places your orientation around where you “start.”  You only get “one” day sign direction. You can have a “combination” of such directions, but it still comes down to which has the larger “contribution” to your physical, mental/emotional and spiritual aspect of who you are.  You can find your day sign direction looking at the day your birth falls on the “Tonapouhualli.”  Once you establish your day sign direction, you begin your journey in how you establish your voice and the power within to help you on your healing journey.

Walking The Earth

My grandma used to say, “in order for you to be on your healing path, you must be walking with the earth. In order to do this, you must be grounded. The reason you are grounded is so you can figure out where you belong on the planet.”

Keep all of these things in mind as you being your journey. Remember the “1990” rule from my previous posts. Remember-be good to your body, your mind and your spirit.  You deserve it.

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