The Conspiracy We Live In


Depiction of Galileo trying to “explain things.”

Why do bad things happen to good people? Why does it seem like that bad people always get away with everything?

These are the questions I hear from patients, colleagues, students, friends and family about some aspect of their own life situation.  Certainly, there is a level of responsibility we all must carry.  Yet, this does not explain why destructive things happen to each one of us when it seems ‘things are going fine.’ In reality, since hindsight is often 20/20, we can always attempt to reason with these circumstances. Sometimes we find out later that maybe those things were not ‘going fine’ but it still does not explain the evolution of these circumstances and the patterns that occur.  Many of my critics, (including the one inside myself), claim that “you should have seen it coming,” “you (or they) have brought it on yourself (or themselves)” or that “this is just karma,” to explain certain life circumstances and events.  Well, I used to be satisfied with that answer.

And then I remembered, I am a traditional medicine man.  A Curandero. 

I remembered I have tools.

I also remembered that Creator gave us a Consciousness to figure trials and tribulations. I remembered we have the ability to figure out our life path, including my own.

I want to share this information with you. I want to share these tools with you.

GroundSpring Healing Center, Water, BaZi

We live in an ocean of minutiae that we steadily “bob” up and down on, clinging to the life-preserver of reason and hope.  This vast body of water of what the ancients called the spiral, is constantly moving and swirling. This life spiral has many timelines of our lives attached to it that intersect with each other.  This is an example of one of those ‘secrets’ of ‘ancient knowledge’ that hide in plain sight.  My quest is to discover, examine, understand the life spiral and its predictive outcomes of our individual and collective futures.

Time is always moving.  If we center, ground, find some guidance and begin to understand the elemental influences around us, we begin to understand that what we do really affects those around us, on a whole other level.

What’s With The Apple?

I was thinking of the many narratives of consciousness that we find in the great life spiral and one of those is this notion of the ‘apple.’ From our ‘western conceptualization’ of objects and ideas,  the apple emerges from time to time.  The apple is the fruit that Eve bit into in the Garden of Eden.  Newton had an apple fall on his head to reach his own form of enlightenment. And now I have a ‘device’ made by Apple corporation.

Time is Location

A good thing to remember about BaZi Life Readings is that it is based on an alignment of time.  I have said this before, but I will reiterate this again.  Time equals location. This is an ancient way of looking at the world. What we know as “time” now, is really a manufactured rendition of a political and/or religious structure that “established” certain rules of commerce that included the construct of “time.”  Time established under the rubric, (I love that word) of the Wan Nian Li and the Tonalpouhualli independently, establishes a construct of time based on, essentially, sunrise and sunset.

The government does not own the Sun

The algorithm developed in both of these ancient almanacs over the last 5000 years, are based on solar movement.  They are based on observation of natural cycles in our environment that still hold true today.  Upon reflection, we as humanity have not changed much in over a millenia. “Back then” people  loved, lied, gossiped, fought, died and brought life into the world. People still worried about sustainable living (albeit a different kind of sustainability) and wondered about their hopes and dreams of the future as well as regrets of the past. Thank goodness.  The difference was they were also considered, as my grandma says, “natural people.” They could put their ear on the ground and hear horses coming. They could see the clouds and predict true changes coming to their landscape and their people. They noted a procession of stars in the sky and knew that we were not the center of the universe.

The calculation of possibilities of BaZi charts are not infinite.  One of my BaZi teachers, a professor of Sinology in Berlin, Germany,  (he is also a BaZi and Qi Men Dun Jia specialist), notes that there are approximately NINE BILLION individual unique charts that can be calculated off the BaZi algorithm alone. Luckily, our world population has not reached that stage yet.  So everyone still gets to have their own unique BaZi.

Know When To Hold Them

It was either Kong Fu Zi, (aka Confucius) or Kenny Rogers that once said:

“You gotta know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em…”

As you explore your own life path, discover the fundamental power of benevolence within your own destiny, remember that you are not alone. Remember that together with these calculations the goal is to couple these insights with natural direct productive action that brings balance to your life.  Keep these things in mind as we journey through your time line and the Great Life Pulse.

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