This is Your Brain on BaZi

Master teachers describe complex models, formulas and circumstances in simplified terms.  It is an art to transmit a very advanced model of mathematics, logical syllogism or conceptual framework in terms that are ‘for the rest of us’ without losing the authenticity that body of knowledge contributes to the greater whole of humanity.

Your Deck of Cards

Deck of Cards, Time Line

BaZi can be seen as an allegory as your own ‘personal hand’ in a card game.

BaZi logic dictates you are only born once this lifetime. So, you get one ‘hand’ of cards so to speak. You cannot ‘change’ the actual time you are born and where you are born, therefore you cannot change the basic disposition of the BaZi design.  I am not very good at playing card games, (Black Jack, Poker, Texas Hold-em, Five Card Stud, Go Fish or Solitaire for that matter) but I use the analogy of BaZi this way:

Your hand is your BaZi ‘basic design’ like the example below:

Bruce Lee's BaZi

This is the BaZi of Li Jun Fan, (better known as Bruce Lee).

The metaphorical ‘card game’ you engage in represent different blocks of time, like the example below that corresponds with Bruce Lee’s BaZi.

Great Life Pulse

So the issue then becomes recognizing the patterns from the past and when they will repeat again. Remember, History repeats itself. And on some level, we really don’t change. So our basic design remains constant. We may seem to ‘change’, but that is only an existing aspect that is inside our own consciousness that we discover through life experience.


He knows himself.

The Five Phases Of Qi

There are many step to understanding the BaZi design.  Knowing some fundamental conceptual ideas that revolve around the ‘Five Movements’ (also known as ‘five phases,’ ‘five elements’ etc.) helps immensely.  Without having a grasp on the metaphor of ‘the five’ and without knowing the generalized categories of those five functions, BaZi becomes the ‘Long March‘ of the mind. In order to avoid  getting drowned (Water), burned (Fire), filleted (Metal), staked (Wood) or buried ( Earth), It is good to understand these concepts on a rudimentary level.  You don’t have to ‘be the tree’ but I highly suggest introducing yourself to writing on East Asian philosophy and the Five Phases.

I sometimes think to myself that the worst thing that has happened to Chinese metaphysics, Acupuncture and its associative study areas (martial arts, etc.) was that it was introduced ‘to the West.’


This is your Brain on BaZi

I want to help change this miscommunication and mistranslation. Not for what it is or what it was but for how it functions while maintaining the rich and vibrant treasures East Asian and Native American philosophies intrinsic in their own conceptual frameworks.

You can always find Gonzo training at the BaZi dojo.

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