Midlothian Pain

Healing is the natural response when the body says, “I can.”  Often in physical, mental/emotional and spiritual healing journeys, we have a tendency, as human beings to complicate matters. We have the habit of “getting in our own way.”  We think we understand. As a matter of fact, we are “sure” we know the answer, until we realize we do not.  Through the course of your discovery of healing on all levels of pain and discomfort, the effort within ourselves must yield to some “road rules” about physical health, emotional and mental well-being and spiritual rejuvenation.  Where do you start? You begin by knowing who you are.

“Fire in Spring”

Gonzo's BaZi

This is Gonzo Flores’ BaZi.

Road Rule # 1: You only get one body.

Be good to your knees. Take care of that indigestion. Hold off on the second helping of dessert. Get a good night’s sleep.  TRUST yourself in knowing that you are ‘already full.’  These are some of the many truths that help people remember things along their journey.  In many instances,  the physical journey is often the journey itself.  There are variable “take back your health” and “restart” programs at your friendly healing and wellness center.

GroundSpring Healing CenterFoot Reflexology Path at GroundSpring Healing Center

Road Rule # 2: Remember Joy

This is can be a tough one when you are in pain. I mean all kinds of pain. Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  Cover all your bases and then laugh.  All indigenous cultures have their medicine that has a component of ‘spiritual laughter.”  It is not laughter we know in the sense of watching a comedy skit or thinking of a couple of jokes.  Laughter along with its particular ritual in any given indigenous healing system,  provides an essential catalyst in the healing and recovery process.  In addition, the notion of joy has associations with organs and organ systems in forms of natural medicine that include Acupuncture and East Asian Medicine.  What we forget is that we do not forgive ourselves as we walk along our path. Express and experience joy.


Rule #3: Know when It’s Over

Pain, can be like eczema: the “gift that keeps on giving.”  All relationships change. We create emotional blockages.  These battle scars form when “We are at War With Love.”  Just like a soured romance you have to know when it’s over.  Know that your pain is over.  Remember you have to tell yourself, “It’s over.” Now,  it’s time for you to take charge. Change your agreement with those layers of pain that has enveloped your connective tissue, your meridians and your viscera.  Know your struggle is over. Know that you are not responsible for the unhappiness of someone else.  Know that as long as you believe in yourself and you have a profound respect for nature , you will remember you are not alone.

Guy and Lupe

These guys are not alone.

Rule #4: Become Fearless

I tell all of my students, my friends, patients and colleagues that “at one point, my job is to make you fearless.”  The benefit for you is to become “senior” to the fear when you authenticate your truth.  These are typically done by direct actions of ceremony, ritual and the revelation to yourself that this is part of your life goal- to conquer your fear.  However, there are things to be afraid of.

Fear of Bears

Fear of Bears makes sense.

Remember, there are times when it is darkest before the dawn.  You just have to remember that that time is typically very dark.  We all have gone through some trial and tribulation.  What I tell you is this:  In order to understand the healer within, understand where you are first.

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