Love and The Seven Killings

I have been fortunate to hear and share the stories of those around me.  These stories affect our lives everyday.  This past week has been a reminder that people live with death everyday.  The stories of this past week that were shared with me about death vary in nature and circumstance.

Socrates BaZii

One example is a dear friend and patient of mine who passed away recently from a sudden heart attack.  His wife tells me that his last thoughts  continued to question the limitations of conventional western medicine and his journey with Parkinson’s disease.  Another story is about a patient whose parents were recently murdered by their next door neighbor.  This week I met a new client who explained to me her grief may stem from eight children related to her immediate friends and family that have all passed away recently.

Why do these things happen?  Why do we attempt to make sense out of things that border on insanity and the inhumane?  My uncle reminds me that we are not in charge of the things we cannot control.  We are in charge of how we act upon the things we know. I always remember him telling me What you pay attention to you become conscious of.” My uncle continues to remind, (he passed away this past spring), that “When a person begins to understand life, their life will never be the same.”  These are some of the truisms that one can find within their Basic BaZi Life Reading.

Location,  Location,  Location



“Direction is direction, location is location, to get the right direction, do not confuse the location.”

(from the Green Sachet Classic of Feng Shui, (青囊經)

The 青囊經, (The Green Sachet Classic) was written by Huang Shi Gong, (黄石公) during the early Qin (秦) Dynasty, (approximately 210 BCE).  These words resonate with the words we have heard before- healing begins not with the what, but with the where.  This truism holds fast for manipulative therapies like shiatsu and tuina, acupuncture, limpiezas (a kind of ceremony used in Curanderismo) and other healing practices that include within their framework the mind-body-spirit axis. (Remember the “1990” rule previously mentioned in my “Father’s Day” post).

Who are you?

One way to know yourself better is to find out your Day Sign Direction in the Tonalpouhuali as well as your Day Master within the foundation of the BaZi Suan Ming. Your Day Sign direction (East, North, West or South)  in the indigenous calendar systems of the western hemisphere represent the direction your will and your spirit coincide most with Creator and the Universe. Yes, this is pretty heavy stuff, but this is what the time line of your life calculations are all about.


There can be only one.

Your Day Master within the East Asian rubric of the Wan Nian Li (萬年曆) is the ‘yin or yang’ variation of one of the five categories or ‘elements’  known in East Asian Metaphysics.  These categories  include the following categories:  Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood.

Gonzo's BaZi

This is my BaZi.  I am Ding-Fire (Yin-Fire)

Consider Your BaZi basic information as an index of your human potential. Certainly one can define your interpretation of this basic design as a “code” to your life. However, if you are using BaZi to help with everyday decisions as well as supplemental information for life changing events (such as career, moving and selecting a wedding date or celebration of some kind),  thinking of the BaZi  design as a “code” is problematic at the outset.  BaZi designs (or what I sometimes refer to as a BaZi Lay out)  is not some kind of code to crack- it should be used as a guide and index to help you on your journey in life.  It may be a matter of semantics, but understanding the point of view of  how to approach your BaZi understanding is key.

Lord knows the information on BaZi Suan Ming tends to range from the truly esoteric and puzzling, to the watered down, void of any substance,  version of what I consider  the “Tic Tac Toe” BaZi “Code”.  Do not get me wrong.  I would like to believe that everyone that spends time writing, reading, preaching, selling and promoting BaZi concepts  has a “Correct Administration” in their chart.  I think in the end that they only want to promote the idea and function of the BaZi for the benefit of all.  Call me optimistic. Call me crazy. (Or is it Call me Maybe?)

In the end, BaZi designs should help the person SIMPLIFY their life, not complicate it.

The  “first rule” in ‘Love and BaZi’ is to find out who controls you.


Yes, Love is a Battlefield and hate is a farmer’s market.

The Seven Killings in the BaZi Suan Ming

The proper translation to the “Seven Killings” character or hieroglyph represents the idea of who controls you.  For example, when you find out your Day Master in your own personal BaZi basic design, you will find the function or energy that controls you is your 七杀 (Qi Sha). The technical translation of the “Qi Sha” (七杀) is “placement on the seventh position.”  The seventh position on the five movement chart with regards to your day sign or day master will always be the 七杀 or “Seventh Position,” commonly called the “Seven Killings.”   To find out more about how to find your Day Master and your Qi Sha,  you can sign up for a consult with Gonzo here.

Feng Shui and the Lion King

I just love these sayings that come from antiquity.  To keep it “real” with the classics, I finish this post with the following from the Green Sachet Classic:


The outcome of man lies in the heavenly stem, and the vigor and vitality are determine by the branch which represent the success and failure of man. The righteous rule the four directions and the cure is within.


You can always ask Simba what he thinks.

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