Brushing My Dog’s Teeth

My BaZi chart never revealed to me the fact that, one day, I would be instructed, (by my dog’s veterinarian) to brush the teeth of my pets, (2 dogs and 2 cats.)  Don’t get me wrong.  I like animals. I do not think pets are four-legged chores. In fact, my children have even named the chickens we have in the backyard. (To clarify I do live in a northern-tier city known as Portlandia.)  But brushing their teeth?  (The pets not the children.)

BaZi Acupuncture Groundspring

Excellent candidate for a BaZi Consultation.

As a traditional medicine man and purveyor of the local menagerie at my little house on the …um…well..umm.. you get the idea- AS a “person of interest” in the well being of these beloved creatures I realized that there is always something new to learn.  I grew up in South Texas in a little ranch town. I am a proud member of the Lipan Apache Tribe of Texas.  I have lived around nature and it’s creatures for quite a long time. I know animals.  The two legged and the four legged kind.  Except I now live in the city.  And my kids have named the chickens. So, so much for dinner.

Pets Bazi GroundSpring

Now “THAT’S” Entertainment.

Bazi Breakdown: Love, Money and Children

I have watched talking animal movies for the last nine years.  There have been times where I have dreamed of a little orange clown fish, a pig running in a field or a giant Panda teaching my karate class.  Maturity and paternal responsibility has brought me a little closer to understanding the deeper underpinnings of the BaZI Suan Ming.  When you are looking at a basic break down of your BaZi chart you need to keep several things in mind.  It has taught me the extrapolation of your BaZi basic disposition is like your child:  It will always amaze you.

Rule #1 for BaZi 101 Basics:

You are looking at an alignment of time. You are not looking at an ‘astrology’ chart.

My guidance and suggestions  boil down to this:

I will help you understand who you are as the constant in an ever changing time line, based on those ancient almanacs from the indigenous cultures of the Americas and of Asia. Using the calculations of these works, understanding the specific guidelines established that have been agreed upon for the last several millenia for the best methods to extract your information from these compendium, you and I together can provide the best effort and outcome possible.

Rule #2: Bazi 101 Basics:

Image is everything.

Think of the interplay with the Five phases and their respective Heavenly Stems and Earthly branches.  It’s ok if you do not know what I am talking about. I find out everyday, even the more popular BaZi experts ignore the basics and produce superficial and often incorrect evaluations.

Charlie Sheen BaZi Shoes

Bring Me Dr. Clown Shoes

Rule #3: Bazi 101 Basics:

Treat the BaZi design as an index of the things you cannot control.

This would be all about the ‘time factor’. We cannot undo the day we were born.  No use in trying to return to the womb, (though some of my friends and colleagues wish at times they could.)  With somethings, once they get started we just let them run their course.

Topper Harley BaZi

He was going places.

Rule #4: BaZi 101 Basics: Know the five questions

Now remember, these are essentially the questions you are examining in any kind of Life Reading Chart, especially one that involves the BaZi Suan Ming.  Once you have evaluated and assessed all of the quantifiable data that can be extracted from the almanac and your personal basic BaZi chart,  you are ready to expand your road map to a more understandable tomorrow.

We always learn about people everyday. I am grateful for the work I do and the efforts that I am able to share with those that are around me.  Welcome to the world.  This is the first day of the rest of your life.

“Metal in Autumn”

Charlie Sheen BaZi

This is the BaZi of Charlie Sheen

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