Your BaZi is Your Spiritual DNA

What is your Spiritual DNA? There are many definitions that have been written, preached, sold and given to the general public over the last decade.  In “essence,” (no pun intended)  there are definable qualities that link the ‘Spiritual DNA’ to the 12 strands of our own genetic DNA encoding. It’s a concept that has been given a name, especially in the last five years, but it is the same concept of spiritual inheritance that is as old as the concept of a Creator.

Spiritual DNA and BaZi GroundSpringYeah…something like that..but not really.

Spiritual DNA is a misnomerIt is a common and ongoing mistake and the notion of ‘Spiritual DNA’ continues to be mislabeled.  At Best, this evolution of a narrative illustrates the spiritual meme of DNA discussion only in the sense that it reflects where we have come along as spiritual awareness.  This still does not define what ‘Spiritual DNA’ “is.”  

The Dude Spiritual DNA BaZi

He Knows.

Let’s put ‘Spiritual DNA’ labeling to a test.

Spiritual DNA Test BaZi GroundSpring

Not that kind of label. But I agree with the GMO thing.

Remember the “1990” rule-

1% is Physical: This includes esoteric and energetic classifications of DNA and its connective parts. This should not even merit a discussion, but due to the ongoing misguided categorization of this subject, I am ‘called’ to speak on the subject. Speaking of energetic classifications of biology of the human body…REMEMBER I PRACTICE ACUPUNCTURE.

I can say with certainty, “Traditional Acupuncturists know how to throw Qi.” To label something as ‘Spiritual DNA’ has to fit a certain proof of principle which includes a different set of mechanisms and ideas that influence our entire human existence.  These things should belong in the realm of the Spirit.  Labeling spiritual connotations of specific strand of DNA within certain spiritual components is merely the continium of the body ecology on its most fascinating molecular and ethereal level. This means, for all practical purposes, what we may call ‘Spiritual DNA’ is still ‘Physical.”

BaZi DNA Physical

She knows.

9% is Mental and Emotional: Emotions matter. Our biology is our biography. Your story is your body. This includes all of it- memes, archetypes, fun-loving psycho-babble..all of what we think we think. And then some.


Mental. Emotional. Maybe..just Maybe ‘Spiritual’

90% Spiritual:  The other side. The veil. Creator. Angels, Spirits of fortune, demons of Calamity, the Golem  and the Jiin. All the stuff we know is there, we just don’t know its there.  The well. Our life purpose. The inertia that compels us.  The concept than cannot be named.  These are some of my favorite things.

DNA BaZi GroundSpring

Who knew?

Your BaZi as Your Spiritual DNA

If your BaZi basic disposition describes the innate things about you, based on when and where you are born through an alignment of time on this planet, that sounds like a spiritual happening to me.  I am not saying that BaZi is ‘ the gospel’ so to speak.  History tells us that blindly following gospel truths tend to lead the human race astray.

BaZi Spiritual DNA

The majority of BaZi consultants and experts in Asia adamantly point out there are no ‘spiritual components’ to the BaZi.  This is still an echo and reflection of where Chinese Communism meets Chinese Metaphysics.  I do not envy my Asian colleagues. It is a tough place to be at times.

All I am really saying is that the concept of the BaZi just might be what the Spirit Doctor ordered. The conceptual framework that has been attempted to describe the underpinnings of Spiritual DNA, is described in the BaZi.  Think about it. Your consciousness, subconsciousness your universal mind is part of your spiritual capacity.  This is the Anatomy. The right use of your will is the Physiology.  What better description can one use to define these things other than the BaZi?

DNA BaZi GroundSpring

Yes, Something like that.

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