Love Isn’t Always On Time

I took my son to see the “Lone Ranger” this weekend.  Despite my original misgivings on the reviews, (which seemed more concerned about how much money the film was NOT making rather than the storyline, acting etc.) , I decided to go.  Like a good dad, I took a gamble with the movie, “trusting” the “G” rating still meant “that”, especially after my hiatus due to the “talking animal movie era” of my life.  I made up my mind, fought bizarre I-5 “South” traffic and we set forth on our adventure to the movies. After all, I was going to go see a movie with the boy.


It ain’t easy being Cheesy.

At one point in the film, I started thinking about BaZi and all the symbols it consists of to define the  human consciousness.  At some level, all of these odd ball characters in the Lone Ranger movie,  were really doing an amazing  job at being quirky and almost unfunny.  In fact, it kind of reminded me of like…well…our culture today.

BaZi GroundSpring Ganmang style

This is NOT a BaZi Consultant.

My son is eight years old.  It’s perfect. He still has a true “volume control” problem when speaking in public places, such as a movie theater- when the movie is well into the 2nd hour of the film.

One of the scenes depicts Comanche raiders are being torn apart by a US Calvary armed with the one of the well-known Indian killers of the era, The Gatling Gun.

Gatling Gun BaZi GroundSpring

Yep. Just like this one.

My son was uncharacteristically quiet for the most of the movie occasionally laughing REALLY OUT LOUD at some of Johnny Depp’s antics.  But the at the end of the Comanche/Calvary battle scene, he says to me in a very loud and scared voice, “Dad…they killed them. They …they killed all the Indians.”  A woman behind us in the next row let out a gasp, realizing that my son was about to cry.  I answered back spontaneously, “No they didn’t. We are still here.”

Lone Ranger BaZi GroundSpring

There will always be a way.

Forgiveness Comes in Many Forms

In the BaZi Suan Ming as well as the Tonalpouhuali, the notion of forgiveness comes in many forms.  The best way to approach this is from a spirit centered practical approach.  You heal wounds from the past with compassion, love and a sense that knowing in the end your understanding knows that there is always more than meets the eye.  This is what Traditional Indigenous Healing Ways teach us.  These teachings remind us to have a profound respect of nature and to remind us that we are not alone.  It is not just about the bloodshed from the past about the genocide of Native people.  Today those echoes can still be felt and heard from the canyons of the Southwest to the barrios of San Antonio.  We are all in this together no matter what background. We (in the United States of America), live in Indian Country. So we need to act like the inheritors of Indian land and take care of the land and take care of the people, regardless of our ethnic or cultural background.

Geronimo's BaZi GroundSpring

They approve this message.

We live with our own personal wounds as well. Some wounds take a long time to heal.  We know people who have wounds about lost love and decisions people make.  Some wounds are based on tragedy and trauma.  Some wounds remind us that we know that we need to work on our own forgiveness.  We have felt the pain of love, fear, hate, guilt and grief and lived to see another day.  At times, some of these wounds run so deep, they seem to never truly heal.  This falsehood of never healing must stop.

Blade Runner BaZi

Forgiveness is hard to come by with him.

In the conceptualization of the BaZi, a design that was created to show humanity that we were not destined to poverty, injustice, depression or a life of despair, time is the ultimate factor.   The notion of the Life Reading of one’s life on this planet, also known as the Great Life Pulse, illustrates that there are forces that we cannot control.  Knowing this we know that if we understand our past, we will better understand our present and our future.  Knowing where you are in your timeline helps navigate your ability to change your life.

So Remember:

[1] Forgive yourself first.

[2] Pray for help in forgiving.

[3] Count your blessings.

[4] Take responsibility for the part you play in upset and injury.

[5] Bring your spirit into present time, in accordance with your Great Life Pulse.

BaZi GroundSpring 1%

Time wounds all heels.

Love may not be on time, but our ability to forgive ourselves and love ourselves is part of who we are.  There is no reason why you should settle for less in this life.   Knowing yourself through knowing your BaZi’s basic disposition,  provides you with another piece of the puzzle we call life.

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