Rock The Cat Box

These days it’s tough being a recovering Catholic.  Guilt is around every corner.  It’s under every mess with the new kitten you have adopted into your home.  This kitten, (in this case, the cat’s name is Zaz” or Zazzy- [Zaz is one of the Apache words for ‘snow‘], decides to “rebel” for obvious reasons:  [1] want of food; [2] the company of other pets (especially dogs); and [3]  the “other” older cat that lives in the house.

Cat litter Box BaZi GroundSpring

You can find the strangest things on the Internet.

All Emotional Blockages

All emotional blockages may stem from two culprits: [1] Fear and [2] Guilt.  Fear has a multitude of definitions in every culture, especially cultures that maintain their indigenous spiritual and healing systems as part of their heritage.  For example, in Curanderismo, there are different “stages” of fear, with the ever popular one known as “Susto” essentially meaning, “deep fear or paralyzing fear.”

Susto Bazi Cura Groundspring

You get the idea.

Pass Me the Horse Hair Shirt

Guilt on the other hand, becomes an interesting discussion from a cultural, religious, political and personal standpoint.  For example, in Chinese culture and literature, there is no “word” for guilt per se.

No Guilt China BaZi

You get the idea.

While there is a Chinese translation as in “guilty in the court of law,” whereas a person feeling guilty is absent from the lexicon of the language.  The cultural context has more of a relationship with shame as a priori, compared to the notion of guilt.  You can find a fascinating scholarly article on this dynamic of shame and guilt in Chinese Culture by clicking here.  This reminds us that there are ‘other’ cultural lenses to keep in mind when we enter the BaZi of feelings and relationships. 

In the BaZi basic disposition, a shift in cultural thinking needs to be addressed when examining the variables that make up your BaZi design- from the most fundamental part of your Day Master to the most innocuous Hidden Heavenly Stem.  If you want to “render” a more correct BaZi consultation it is important to keep these cultural biases in mind.  Luckily, BaZi designs are universal if you keep to the “script” so to speak.

If you do not pay attention to the interaction with the things you cannot control, (that would be the time designation thing) within the ancient almanacs of the BaZi and the Cura systems, then you may miss important signposts that may affect your life.

BaZi GroundSpring Signpost

Candidate for a BaZi consultation.

The Blame Game

When you are thinking of the aspect of guilt, it really is more along the lines of what I call the “SWC” or “shoulda, woulda, coulda.”

“I should have known better.”

“I could have done better.”

“I would have known better.”

We can loosely include remorse, regret and any other variants of this aspect in the conduit of guilt.  So go ahead and blame yourself.  Right?  Do you really think that is a productive, creative and in the end, beneficial function for your own ‘luck’ within the BaZi?

Guilt American Style

BaZi Guilt GroundSpring

You get the idea.

How much spiritual energy and consciousness does fear and guilt carry within us?  My grandmother tells me that we are divided into thirds: Mind, Body Spirit, Heaven, Human, Earth, etc.  There is a whole genre of literature and discussion with regards to ‘the Trinity.’   When it comes to Fear and Guilt, we are essentially looking at human nature as an empty vessel.  At most our potential, my grandmother says, that we have the following ratio in all of us:

The People can be filled with fear and guilt. Our ancestors tell us that fear, can be filled with 2/3 of the spirit gourd inside us; Our ancestors tells us that guilt, can be filled with 1/3 of the spirit gourd inside us. This is all the fear and guilt that have been allowed in the spirit gourd we hold.”


So Let’s pretend she is right.

The verdict: Fear and Guilt.

What are you going to do?  What cha gonna do? What cha gonna do when the come for you?

BaZi GroundSpring Cops

You get the idea, right?

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