It’s Not You…”Its the Luck”

Do You Feel Lucky?

There is an old Apache saying that says “The hardest thing to do in life is to know yourself.”  Understanding your inner self will create a successful life regardless of the endeavor. In the BaZi, knowing yourself is as important as knowing others.  If you truly understand yourself, you have a better ability to understand those around you.

50 Ways BaZi GroundSpring

NIH funded study on the 50 ways.

Knowing yourself and knowing your energy means you can make the best of what is given to you by “the Destiny.”  This means you can change your destiny.  The BaZi does not dictate you have only one ‘fate.’

BaZi Destiny GroundSpring game

Destiny is not a game..but in this case, it is. Ask your children, (or grandchildren).

The BaZi establishes the parameters your potential destiny holds if uninterrupted.  The problem with interpretations of BaZi charts may stem from mistranslations, misunderstood concepts or the lack of information on the basic fundamentals of the BaZi Suan Ming.  If people embrace their lives by knowing more information about their unique profile, decisions can be made with more ease and more precision.  Knowledge is power.

John Wayne BaZi Consult

“Yes, I am here for a BaZi Consultation.”

The Luck Pillars

One common misconception is the use of the word, “Luck.”  In American English, “luck” or ” lucky” takes on many forms.

BaZi GroundSpring Good Luck

Good Luck. We are all counting on you.

Luck of the Irish BaZi Example

Yes, they have ‘the luck.’

The definition of luck in the BaZi, Feng Shui, Chinese Astrology and the overall pantheon of Chinese Metaphysics  is not what we would think of as “luck” in societies based on Western European belief systems.  How can I say this another way?

Our idea of “Luck” in the West is irrelevant.

BaZi in an Elevator

Luck in an elevator.

Within the context of all things in Chinese Metaphysics, luck implies an unpredictable turn of events over which the individual has little or no control.  As Thomas Aylward, scholar of Chinese Metaphysics notes that:

“…few terms can be found that are more antithetical than luck, (italics are mine), to describe the system of gods and demons of times and directions.”

Luck Pillar BaZi GroundSpring

As ‘Luck’ would have it: Big Trouble in Little China.

Auspicious Times

Auspicious is another misunderstood concept.  ‘Auspicious’ tends to remind us of either cryptic or potentially ‘positive’ aspects in understanding things in the world of Chinese Metaphysics.

Big Trouble Little China Auspicious GroundSpring BaZi ‘Auspicious’ moment.

The Oracle Bones of the Shang Dynasty, (c.1500-c.1045 BCE), among other things, were used for divinatory purposes. In his majestic work, The Imperial Guide To Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology: The Only Authentic Translation from the Original Chinese, Thomas Aylward writes:

“Some oracle bones bear inscriptions of questions posed to ancestral spirits about auspicious times for performing a certain act….This concept can be rendered in English as ‘timeliness’ and it refers to the virtue of being able to perform the correct action at the correct time.”

Auspicious + Luck = “correct action in an unpredictable event.”

This is what makes the schematic of the BaZi both elusive and predictable.  The variables ascertained within the Basic Disposition of the BaZi need to contain a certain amount of value.  However, depending on the question and the event, those values may vary.  The better the data, the better the conditions described within the BaZi, the better interpretation you will have.

The Luck Pillars: 天命 (Heaven Luck), 地命 (Earth Luck), 人 (Man Luck)

In the BaZi, there is a reminder that we are not alone. 聽天由命, “Ting Tian You Ming” or “trust the luck” or “submit to the will of heaven,” is what the BaZi tells us.  The “Luck Pillars” are the columns that are written down in the BaZi.  Each column represents a “Pillar of Luck.”  See the example below, illustrated are the “Four Pillars,” along with their respective headings of Year, Month, Day and Hour.

BaZi Groundspring Healing Center Kurt Russel

Jack Russell’s BaZi

Whether BaZi consultants describe their interpretation as “The Four Pillars of Wisdom,” “The Destiny Code,” “Four Pillars School of Feng Shui,” and/or “Four Pillars of Destiny” or any other mutation of words that involve Chinese Metaphysics, Astrology or Qigong, what they are really talking about is the same thing: The BaZi “Basic Chart.”

I don’t know who invented this nightmare of calling the notations of the Heavenly Stems ‘Stars.’  The information in the BaZi are notations defined in an almanac set to the agrarian solar calendar of East Asian antiquity.  When you read, “the stars you are born with” in the realm of Chinese BaZi, Feng Shui, etc.,  this typically refers to climatic periods of the year.  This does NOT refer to stars in space or other forms of Astrology, particularly Western Astrology.

Stars BaZi GroundSpring

These are stars.

In order to play well with others, students, teachers, consultants, masters of esoteric teachings of East Asian Metaphysics have all succumbed to the vocabulary battle. Essentially, we relegate ourselves back to the language usage of ‘stars’ even though at the end of the day it still means something completely different.

This is rather poetic.  I mean why not? If our concept of Luck is irrelevant in the West, then why would any designation of calling algorithmic notations ‘stars’ be in any different?  Let’s just thank the universe whoever started this language confusion didn’t start calling the Heavenly Stems and Earthly branches something else-  Like “Bilious Vomiting in a Newborn.”

BaZi Stars Vomiting Newborn

These are not stars.

Luck By Design

Here is the really short version on the guide to the Luck Pillars description with a chart shown as an example below.

Clint Eastwood BaZiClint Eastwood’s BaZi

Starting from the “Top” below the column headings of “Yin Fire, Yin Metal, etc.” the chart reads as follows:

天命 (Heaven Luck) = the first row aka “The Heavenly Stems”

命 (Earth Luck) = the second row aka “The Earthly Branches”

(Man Luck) = the basic data that is extracted from the interactions of the Stems and Branches.

Well there you have it.  I know, there is a lot of real estate spread out in this blog post, but I hope this helps in our adventure of our understanding on the basic mechanism underlying “Chinese Metaphysics and the Fate Sciences. “

BaZi Clint Eastwood GroundSpring

You Tell Me. Do You Feel Lucky?

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