Image is Everything- The Four Directions on Your Healing Journey

These days it seems like I am hearing the same record (or CD or nano ipod) play the same loop over and over.  Class warfare. Racial hatred. Gender discrimination. Howard Zinn’s book being banned once again in several states, (this time at the university level.)  Now, don’t get me wrong: It’s not that I think the villains are lurking around every corner.

BaZi Groundspring Villain

They just found out that their BaZi “consultant” is a hack.

“Denial” is not just Another River in Egypt

What we say is our reality.  What we think is our reality.  Candace Pert, a world class neuroscientist, (who still has her lab and does ‘real science’ research in the private sector), wrote in her book Molecules of Emotion, that every cell in our body has memory.  She explained that on a molecular level, how emotions affect our health.  While there are always ‘skeptics’ in every thing on the internet, when you read something that is ‘skeptical’ about Dr. Pert, you have to remember: the skeptic did not discover the opiate receptor and endorphins- she did. 

BaZi Bruce Lee GroundSpring

Let me show you where your opiate receptors are located.

Forgiveness and The Big Brawl

Understanding your BaZi chart or your own personal road map to your life can resemble a monumental task.  In life, as a general rule, your job is not only to “receive” but to “give.”  These functions of human spirit certainly are numerous in variability,  but it comes down to this:

People are waking up and realizing that they need to release their pain and suffering.

Bazi GroundSpring

Excellent candidate for a BaZi consultation.

This is just the first step.

So you are thinking, “Ok, I don’t want to feel like the picture above, what do I do?”  As you process and take those additional steps to heal your physical, emotional and spiritual challenges, what makes you unique are several things:

[1] You (hopefully) only have one spirit inside you that being you.

[2] Gather information. Knowledge is power. Have your BaZi chart accurately calculated, (don’t believe the calculator on  a website that says they do it for ‘free’ unless you can verify the Hour time or Hidden Heavenly Stems are correct in accuracy, (many of these websites repeat the same algorithm for the stems, the hour, etc. for varying reasons.)  As calculations go, each BaZi chart has a variability of 300 different permutations.

BaZi GroundSpring

Does your BaZi look like this?

Remember, my colleagues in Europe and in Asia estimate that “just within” the BaZi Suan Ming, there are over NINE BILLION unique charts that can be generated. So, as far as the world’s population goes, we are ok for a while.  Everyone still gets their “own” chart, once you derive the permutations.

The Four Directions

One of the amazing things about indigenous healing practices as well as Chinese metaphysics is that it’s all about the location.  You can examine the navel all day long, but at one point you need to understand a starting point is necessary.   What brings you to the next step of your healing path is the concept of alignment.  Now ALOT of people claim they offer alignment as part of their services as a consultant, but there are things to keep in mind:  What do I really want? How can I get past my own emotional blockages? What part of me really wants to change?  These are excellent questions to keep in mind.

The Four Directions themselves really refer to the directions of East, North, West and South.  They mean different things in different cultures. The key element is to keep the reference points the same and not ‘mix medicines’ as some of my friends use to call it.  This means:  If your Day Sign direction is the West within the conceptual framework of Curanderismo, then keep that orientation.  Do not automatically think it becomes also the ‘Metal element’ in August according to Chinese Metaphysics.  If your Day Master is not authentically not supported by the Earthly Branch of the Month Pillar, then do not substitute your animal totems to salvage such things.

Pet Detective Bazi

You get the picture.

In my opinion, as long as you understand the framework the information is derived, then the level of use and benefit far exceeds any limitation the consultant may have.  In the end, we are all in this together, good, bad or ugly.  Let’s make the most of it and let the healing begin!

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