It’s About Time

Time is the Enemy.  We seem not to have enough of it.  If you feel like you are stuck and you do not have enough time for coffee, (or your organically grown all healthy morning drink), HOW will you have enough time to seriously ponder your purpose in life?  In order to accomplish this goal,  you need to know your own personal BaZi Suan Ming.  The BaZi Suan Ming is an important tool for success in health, love, wellness, relationships, wealth and career.

BaZi Acupuncture Groundspring

“Just in case” you are asked the question.

When we were younger it seemed it took “forever” for the really boring class to end.  BaZi Suan Ming has a simple idea about our lives that helps people understand the concept of time.   This put simply is:  it’s all about time.

Pandora Bazi Groundspring

Do you remember the Pandoras?

The Time and Place

It is essential you figure out your birth hour, (approximately within a 2-hour range) to assess a “corrected” time for the BaZi chart according to the Wan Nian Li.   When it comes to the indigenous calendars of the Americas, it is important as well, however, the dependence reflects the “distance” your spirit has traveled within the “13-day” interval, also known as a ‘tercena.’

What happens within either system of calculation is dependent on the most accurate information available.  Good information helps begin to develop your chart.  For the purpose of continuity, this segment of the blogosphere will focus on the Chinese Metaphysics aspect of your Destiny Timeline. This is also known as your Life Chart or BaZi Suan Ming. If you do not know the time of your birth…no worries.  I have ways to figure out which hour relates to your best traits.  Call or email for a BaZi consultation so we can discuss how to get the best approach to examine your True Destiny.  The future starts with you.

BaZi Groundspring

No, not you. The person next to you.

What time is it?

We should choose the true local solar time for the birth of the person for the BaZi chart.  Back in the ‘ancient days’ we watched the shadow of the sun and told the time from experience.

BaZi GroundSpring

And this is how far we have come.

IF you do not know the hour of your birth, ‘back in ancient China’ they would have a saying:


BaZi GroundSpring

My New Fighting Technique is Unstoppable.

In all seriousness, we look for the best times, testing at least “three” different sets of hours to match your BaZi.  The hardest part about knowing your birth time is examining the real time that you were born.  THINK ABOUT IT.  Did the physician, midwife or taxi cab driver REALLY have the time of delivery?  I have an been grateful to witness the birthing process at home, at a birth center, in a hospital, in a truck, in a field and in a school cafeteria.  Even under the best circumstances, Johnny Bench would have a hard time in “making the call.”

Baseball BaZi GroundSpring

Today we have clocks on our smart phones (for a not so smart user like me) that reasonably tell the time.  However, when looking at the accuracy of true (or mean) Solar time, we must take into account several things:

[1] “Time” is still an artificial construct developed by our human species and we have decided on agreed upon standard.

[2] The government does not own the Sun.  Each time “zone” on the planet 15 degrees of longitude and with that each degree is equal to 4 minutes of time.

[3] This means that true local solar time for two different areas in a time zone (in the United States of America for example), can differ as much by 5 minutes although the clocks read the same place in two places.  If you are on the cusp of a certain time that not only would change your “Hour Pillar” but also the “Day Pillar” to an entirely different element, this would mean a very different chart and a very different set of information and guidance that would follow.

GroundSpring BaZi Chart

The Basic ‘Layout’ of a BaZi chart.

[4] This also means that in other parts of the world where ‘whole countries’ have only one time zone two places in the singular time zone can differ as much by an hour although the clocks read the same place in both places.

This does not mean that is pointless to not understand your Destiny if you do not know your birth hour.  Remember, there several other variables (300 to be precise), that help formulate who you are, where have you been and where are you going.

To use the clock without any adjustment is ignorance.  This is like driving and saying you will never obey any traffic laws.  At one point, those ‘Correct Administration’ will catch up with you.  So Please buckle up, don’t drink and drive and adjust your BaZi information for Gonzo to calculate accordingly.

BaZi Police GroundSpring

Objects in Mirror are Closer than They Appear.

5 thoughts on “It’s About Time

  1. James

    Hi Master Gonzalo

    I’m interested to seek a bazi consultation from you. Firstly, how would you be able to determine if i should use my solar time or my time on my birth cert. I consulted quite a few different people and frankly they give me different answers. One is even a quack, saying that he used my solar time but in fact it’s my birth cert (local) time.
    My stats is 29 Sep 1988, born Singapore, GMT +8 15:07. Using the solar time would change my whole thing quite a bit. I’m quite confused now and also afraid to follow the wrong advice. So i’m grateful if you can point me to the right direction. Thanks!


    1. kenpo97219 Post author

      Hello James,

      I am glad you are looking to take charge of your destiny! Bazi consultations are certainly one way of gathering information to assist in making well thought out decisions. I am shocked and dismayed to hear your experience so called BZ/FS experts have such conflicting methods. Are you still in Singapore? Hopefully there is someone local that can help you out. My best advice is to do it yourself-Do it by hand, the old-fashioned way, and use the Wan Nian Li as the guide. Do not use a calculator on the net. 99% are terrible and have very misguiding information, many times including the wrong time calculation. Tell me what you comes up with, and I will provide the best service for you. To answer your question directly, I use the Wan Nian Li, (published in Taiwan) along with a dozen other 10,000 year Calendars from mainland China as HK and Japan. I use this method to cross check any errors, additions or subtractions. After that, you plot the chart very easily. Good luck in your journey.

      1. kenpo97219 Post author

        Hi James,
        I want to answer you- better yet- I will send you your chart both in Chinese and in English- since you are such an enthusiast. What is your last name so I can type it in the chart and which email should I send it too? Where do you live? Thanks again and thanks for supporting today for a better tomorrow.

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