I Forgive but I don’t Forget

Have you ever had one of those days where everything seemed to come crashing down over your ears?  I certainly have had my share of these moments.  My fall back position used to always reason in the end that, “I will try harder. I will work harder.  I will pay more attention.” Finally, after years of neglect- I decided to  take the help and advice  from my grandmother, my parents, my uncles and aunts and my tribal elders.  In addition, I have actually chosen to listen to the very suggestions and advice I pass onto to my family, friends, patients, to the not-so-nice people and complete strangers alike.  Yet, on a day like today,  I still relate to Boxer, the Horse in the epic novel, Animal Farm.

BaZi Horse GroundSpring

I will work harder.

As a resident expert on emotional blockages, (read: I have plenty), and the  BaZi Suan Ming I understand that my own spiritual, mental and emotional health is a work in progress.  I am blessed to be born into a family healing lineage.  I am grateful that I have a talent for helping thousands of people (so far and counting)  to get through the worst of their times.  I have sat in the sweat lodge with some of the eldest and most respected Native American medicine people this continent has had to offer.  I have meditated with and trained under  Yi Chuan and Qigong masters at the Shaolin Temple as well as parts of China people will never hear of.  I know myself as an ‘expert’ in Classical Okinawan Karate.  Water Flows Downward. Bend like Bamboo. Strike as the Snake strikes. Know yourself.  Forgive yourself.


As much as I know these things mentally, in my heart and my spirit, I still have to remember to take care of myself.  This fact does not go away.  All the great healers had day jobs.  All the great traditional medicine men and women had to learn to say no.  All of them have learned the lesson of burn out.  All of them know the consequences of betrayal.  If you do not take care of your wounds within they will come back to remind you that you still have work to do.  Anyone who says different is lying to you.

BaZi GroundSpring

The Birth Hour

The study of Chinese Metaphysics, the study of Destiny Reading is the examination of Qi in terms of the flow of time blocs of Yin and Yang and the Five Elements in time/space.  The issue of not correcting the birth time seems to becoming more prevalent in some circles Chinese Metaphysics- So think of it  like this:

Picture yourself as you blindly walk across a field of broken glass without shoes or socks and ‘hope’ an aspect of ‘attraction’ or ‘synchronicity’ will guide your way.  Let’s ‘hope’ you can find a parking space…or parking lot for that matter. One that does not have broken glass everywhere.

BaZi GroundSpring

If it ain’t about the money, Puff, I just don’t care.

People send me their charts to ‘figure out’ their calculation for interpretation or to ‘re-calculate’ the time.  I used to find this insulting.  But I began to appreciate that I also rose to the challenge to ‘penetrate the chart’ and the puzzle the previous so-called BaZi expert left for me.  As I begin to understand the computation(s),  I explain to my new friend that they need to understand what they are looking at and how relevant or irrelevant the information may be to them at this time.  In the end, you cannot fake your birth.  You came out. It’s not placebo. So, we work with what we have and you love the one you are with. (Just hope their Ming Gong is in the right place for you.)

BaZi GroundSpring

This is NOT Stephen Stills or any resemblance of him.

Traditional East Asian Medicine is an art and a science based on the locus of embryology.  It is the oldest non-broken lineage of medical writings passed down through the age for over millennia.  The Chinese certainly have had their share of wars, famines, mass killings, episodes of minority people being grounded into a resentful peonage- yes all of this is true.  Somehow the shards of wisdom of the BaZi Suan Ming continues to survive to this day.  Keeping this in mind, let’s look at the ‘break down’ of the BaZi chart with regards to the chart, the creation and destruction cycles and the caveats of the first relevant ‘signposts’ of your Yong Shen, or Operative Consciousness.

Groundspring BaZi Chart

This is a very simple breakdown of the BaZi basic layout.

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