Don’t Slap the Crying Baby

Leave it to us Americans to screw up an entire indigenous healing system and try to make it relevant only in terms of finding parking spaces and keeping ourselves absolved of any accountability.  Who do we think we are?  Respect the tradition, keep the peace and find all the amazing, wise and thoughtful things within nature and ourselves.   Do not add insult to injury. Do not make things worse.  Don’t Slap the Crying Baby. We need to understand the underpinnings of ancient wisdom bestowed upon us to examine our past so we can prepare for our future.  This is how.

BaZi Suan Ming Groundspring

BaZi Suan Ming

Get Rich or Die Tryin’

Do you want to be mediocre? Do you strive to “be mediocre and accomplish incrementally?”  If so, YOU ARE READING THE WRONG BLOG.

BaZi Groundspring

I don’t know who invented this idea of mediocrity.  It’s not a hipster thing and It’s not a slacker thing. (slacker: what the marketing campaigns here in the USA in the late 1980’s chose to label the apathetic youth of the late 20th century.  Luckily, we do not have this problem with the ‘youth’ today. )

OC and Stiggs Bazi Groundspring

Do you remember O.C.  & Stiggs?

When someone asks me, “Will I ever be financially stable?” or “Will I ever fall in love?” or more importantly, “When will I be financially stable and find someone to share my life with?” I begin with the following stream of thought:  Do not ask these questions in this manner.  In fact, ask the question(s) the following way-

[1] How do I become financially stable?

[2] How do I find someone to share my life with?

This is not ‘just’ psycho-babble or the ‘power of positive thinking’ business talk- (even though that helps too.).  Using an action word to reframe your question brings attention to your awareness and your Qi, (i.e. life force, free will, intention).  You don’t need Tony Robbins or a so-called consultant who uses ‘processing’ as a solution to tell you the things that continue to sabotage your efforts in life, love and the pursuit of happiness.

BaZi GroundSpring

“And I had the Philly Cheese Steak right in my hands!”

Correcting the Body, Correcting the Spirit

You think it would be obvious by now that a person who seeks guidance needs more than “innovation” as part of their plan.  Companies do not grow this way.  People do not learn nor do they heal.  Do not bloviate to motivate.  

BaZi GroundSpring

In a van, down by the river…

What happens when we do not know where to turn?  Let’s say, you have been searching and trying different things.  Even if we do sort of know the ‘Purpose’ or understand that a ‘matrix’ that may influence emotional blockages, or we do know our Day Sign Direction or Day Master…now what?

BaZi GroundSpring

It’s a New Zealand thing. I know what you are thinking…And no, that’s not Tiger Woods.

BaZi is the Diagnosis, Feng Shui is the Prescription

A professor in business administration at our local urban university asked me recently, “If this Feng Shui and BaZi business was so easy, then why are not all these masters rich?” I answered him this way: “The study of Destiny requires diligence and time to understand the mechanisms.  The answers that the BaZi expert yields are simple and profound, but it took a while to figure out this solution.  It is a labor intensive field with very little reward.  I want to change that.”  I went onto ask him, why are not “all the professors in the MBA program at the local urban university not living the ‘Life of Riley’ in Monte Carlo?”  He answered, “I don’t know.  I would like to say it’s a life style thing and ‘labor of love,’ but in the end, we are bitter nerds of the business world- which self selects us into more introverted and less financially rewarding occupations.”  I replied, “I want to change that too.”

Your basic disposition in your BaZi are multilevel layer of analysis.  Just because someone may think they have strong traits or talents in one area AND their chart, says “NO, NO, NO little gallbladder.  Your talents lie elsewhere.”  Do not take it as a personal insult or as something that is cast in stone. Remember, Destiny Life Readings contain over 300 moving variable parts.  Do not hang your ‘hat’ on one simple line of analysis.  As for the BaZi consultants here and abroad, we should work on our own delivery system of telling the client that they are crazy and they will never make any money and that ‘Only the good die young.”  While this is as subtle as a chainsaw, it may hurt your client’s feelings and undo your own “Tendency toward Prosperity” in the near future.  (Hmm…Well…maybe don’t ever use the word ‘never.’)

BaZi Soprano GroundSpring

Sooner or Later it comes down to “Fate.” Rest in Peace, Mr. Soprano.

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