Do You See the Light? BaZi in the Workplace

BaZi Blues Brothers

Well, Do You?

Have you ever gotten so frustrated that as you drive into work, your body tenses up more and more?  Damn. And you know it’s ‘the job.’  This can stem from office politics, the notion of ‘bullying’ in the workplace, or the many forms of workplace intimidation.  What typically emerges are deep-seated patterns that have been embedded in us before we ever started working at the said ‘hell hole.’  If you are lucky enough to be working and this kind of situation has an ongoing theme in your life, there are several tools I have learned from both ‘sides’ of the coin as a worker and as a so-called ‘boss.’  What this means for you is to utilize the BaZi Suan Ming for workplace navigation. This is how.

Take This Job and Shove It

There are many ways to begin the calculation of workplace dynamics, but the major themes tend to be related to the pattern of emotional blockages.  In order to heal these dynamics or at least bring them into a more satisfying workplace environment, there are many resources, including Val Hawkins Mitchell, The Cost of Emotions in the Workplace, as well as other conflict resolution programs that help workplace cohesion.  According to the Bureau of Labor statistics, workplace violence have remained relatively constant over the past few years.  This still means that 1 out of 5 occupational fatalities are attributed to workplace violence.

BaZi Job Groundspring

Do you remember Johnny Paycheck?

Now, before you nervously look over your shoulder to see who is reading this blog post behind you, remember that most people spend more time with their co-workers than with their own family during the so-called “work week.”  This has the potential to transfer family dysfunction of the said co-worker from home to the glorious landscape of the workplace environment.  With the “role models”  in place, you have the angry or benevolent father, the worried and over-organizer mother, the children who need attention, the children who rebel, the children who feel entitled, the hardest working child and the neighbor kid, Eddie Haskell.

BaZi Eddie

Excellent candidate for a BaZi Consultation.

I portray this scenario of workplace attitudes, not in jest, but merely as one possibility in a myriad of dynamics that interplay in many of our daily lives.  Remember:  We reserve the right to choose where we work unless you are In North Korea or one of those places.  We have to understand that all ‘members of the workplace family’ are not perfect and that they are human beings and really are doing the best they can.  Mind you, the definition of “being human”  has spawned a new era of ‘workplace reality shows.’  Understanding your level of happiness is certainly a key element in the job you have and at the end of the day, unless you are getting paid to do this, do not take your work home with you.

Gee Gonz, What now?

First, ask yourself “Do I get paid enough to put up with this?” Next, you calculate your personal BaZi Suan MingVerify (by asking a consultant) for the corrected information.  Remember, just because you used an online calculator for BaZi does not necessarily mean the calculation is accurate. What is most commonly found is that the Hour Column of the BaZI chart is incorrect, therefore throwing off your BaZi by as much as 75%.

We offer services for correcting your BaZi Suan Ming  here.

The BaZi has the ability  to find compatibility in your work environment.  It develops the road map to find what better career interests that fit you best according to the Wan Nian Li, the 10,000 day almanac used in China and all parts Asia since antiquity.  It uses the system of Sha Shen (Gods and Demons) and Ming Gong (Life Palace) to establish your trajectory on when and where you potentially should be looking at matters of employment, finance and real estate.   There are many things that the calculation and interpretation of what the BaZi can do for you. However….there are some clarifications that need to be made:

What the BaZi cannot do:

The BaZi will not give you Sex Appeal.

The BaZi will not get rid of the nubs.

The BaZi will not make you look five pounds thinner.

The BaZi will not go better with Coke.

The BaZi will not fight the germs that may cause bad breath.

Gil Scott BaZI GroundSpring

The BaZi will not be Televised.

In the end, talk to your boss. Maybe they are having a bad day, week, month or year.  Check your own personal baggage at the door, especially if the source of your emotional distress began in your more formative years.  In the end, people are people.  People may mature.  What is for sure? We get older. Time goes marching on.  Begin control of your Destiny today.

2 thoughts on “Do You See the Light? BaZi in the Workplace

  1. Lynda Olin

    Hmmmm. I quit a job I really liked in April because of an abusive supervisor. I felt I had not other choice unless i wanted to be so stressed as to lose my sanity. Still looking for work in my field and finding it very frustrating…..


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