Who’s The Boss?

It’s that time of the week. You drive up to work and you find the construction project for the new supermarket store next door has somehow managed to ‘add a little of their own’ construction creativity- by ripping the phone line, power line, siding and gutters that are attached to the very office space you ply your trade, day in and day out.

BaZi PGE Groundspring

“Thank you Mr. PGE Man!”

Since the construction project next door was originally to begin in 2005, I cannot blame the guys for wanting to be in a hurry.  However, when you eventually are on a first name basis with the foreman of the project, the Feng Shui making for this Ju Ju Man can’t be good…

BaZi GroundSpring

But I digress.  Let’s face it. The salt mine can truly be grueling. I think there is a need to change the mode of thinking in today’s workplace world. Here are Five Ways to Help Your Toxic Workplace using the BaZi Suan Ming.

There are many instances where we do not enjoy the work environment we find ourselves in.  How does your BaZi Suan Ming help out you to function in the work environment?  There are many ways to achieve your inner happiness in the workplace.

Tony Danza Bazi GroundSpring

Hey, ‘farsi una canna, si?”

While we can’t all have Tony Danza work for us these days, in the end you have to remember you are in charge of your own Destiny.

1. Take Action- but carefully.

Firstly, if you work for a jerk, people are not going to change.  Don’t focus on trying to change them.  This is usually the biggest mistake many of my clients, friends and colleagues have made in the past.  This leads to hurt feelings, personalized malicious behavior and in the end- you do not know when you leave this current job, where you will end up running into them in the future. So what to do?  Focus on behavior, outcomes and performance.  Avoid jumping into an explosive situation.  If you know your boss is crazy, do not rationalize their behavior.  Remember, they do not think they are hurtful nor do they think they function like the bully on the playground.  In BaZi terms they can be considered the ‘Correct Administrator’ or ‘Direct Officer’ in your BaZi Suan Ming. This means that they control you.  So how do you offset this?  Understand your own strengths and weaknesses within your own BaZi chart.  By doing a little creative sidestepping the drama in the workplace, misbehaving colleagues and workmates tend to improve on these behaviors and therefore you resolve matters professionally.

BaZi Acupuncture

Sometimes the remedy needs the fire and water elements introduced.

2. Stay out of the Email and Text battles

Email and texting warps what you say.  If you want something to be taken wrong or unintended, email or text your supervisor and/or boss.  Email conveys facts and figures. It does not convey emotions and is a poor platform for arguments.  While you may think you are being forthright and clear, this will backfire on you. This is often considered the ‘Warped Seal or Indirect Resource’ part of your BaZi.  I have seen this personally and professionally.  Face to face interactions involve anywhere from 80-90% of non-verbal communication.  The latest study from Harvard tells us that if you ‘strike a pose’ in the morning, you increase your hormones all day long. Standing in this kind of stance sends all kinds of signals on the inside and might help your presence around the workplace on the outside.

GroundSpring BaZi

Yeah…like that.

3. Do Not Add Gin to the Juice

Now, I do wonder how my predecessors in the medical profession provided primary and tertiary care after a three martini lunch.  When we figure in all of those other factors we do not need to add insult to injury- essentially, if your workmate, supervisor, etc. is ‘addicted’ to bad behavior do not enable them.  How often do you find your self playing into the drama of the chatterbox at work.  When did you last finish something on someone else’s list?  This kind of person can be found in ‘Seven Killings or Corrupt Administrator’ category of your BaZi Suan Ming.

BaZi GroundSpring

Y’know you were thinking that.

4.  Don’t text and drive.

I have witnessed this as well as I have heard stories of colleagues, workmates, employees, etc. work their iPhone on their personal matters at work like they were working the next big MTV music awards or reconnecting with some old Mexican Cartel business associates.  “I do a great job. I can multitask,” is the most misunderstood and biggest myth out in the business world.  This is one of the reasons that large healthcare clinics and hospitals have a written policy for their employees not to use company work time and space for personal email and web surfing.  If you think that your co-worker is paying attention to their work load or paying attention to what you are saying while being on Facebook, on their smart phone or some other electronic gadget that helps them stay ‘connected’ while at work, it is their own fantasy they can actually get work done or pay attention to the matter at hand.  If the work you do is critical to the function of your work environment, do not take that risk. It is distracting and certainly has the metal and fire element added to your own personal function that can disrupt your own attention and distraction of your work.  While some may argue that this is clearly a ‘Solid Prosperity or Direct Wealth’ function of your BaZi, I think this correctly goes in the ‘Eating God or Spirit of Pleasure’ category within your BaZi Suan Ming.

BaZi GroundSpring

You get the idea.

5. Sometimes, It’s All About You

We become our own worst enemy.  This is known as the ‘Reduction of Prosperity or Rob Wealth’ trait in your BaZi Suan Ming.  Maybe….just maybe sometimes we are infuriated by our own personal self-reflection in other people.  They anger us because the thing they do is really something we do as well.  Play it safe- stick to the ‘golden rule’- “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”  In the end, respect and kindness go a long way.  Kill them with kindness.  After all, it is just a job and not therapy.

BaZi GroundSpring

I know what you are thinking- NO this is not my son. But it sure looks like him.

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