The Cheese Stands Alone

What brings us closer to our own dream?  Religion? Great Sex? A really great piece of chocolate?  I have friends that would respond that there is no difference between any of the above.  All joking aside, some would say that life is a lot of work and hopefully filled with some “good luck.”  In the BaZi Suan Ming there are many opportunities to help your self during times of stress, crisis and out right loneliness. How do you know you are in your dream? What makes you think  things may not change- for better or worse?  We live in a world where (it turns out) Area 51 exists, people can “hack” into your car while you are driving, a low fat diet early in childhood will make you fat later in life and John Lennon may come back from the dead.

BaZi John Lennon GroundSpring

Really? Damn and all those back taxes.

In order to get the most use out of your BaZi chart there are certain things to understand how a 5,000 year old algorithm can change your life.  Let us start with “BaZi 101 Basics.”

What is the BaZi Suan Ming? Heck, how do you PRONOUNCE BaZi for that matter?

Ba (Pronounced like ‘BAA’ BAA BLACK SHEEP)

Zi (Pronounced  like “ZZZ” and “UH” [like no Duh] put together- “ZZZUH”)

Now that we have that covered…next on the agenda…

The BaZi Suan Ming is a generated record of data which are “hidden” within the ‘eight characters’ (hence the ‘BaZi’ 八字 – Ba means “eight” Zi  means “characters” ) of the ancient Chinese Almanac called the Wan Nian Li. It is an extraction of a network of information which are derived by the combination of eight symbols that form the “Four Pillars” (or columns) as illustrated below in the column grid box. Note the location of the Day Master (also known as the Self Element a.k.a. “you.”)

BaZi GroundSpring

This information, (aside from the obvious Day Master information , e.g. “I am Yin Fire”) tell you nothing of what your Four Pillars destiny chart relays to you and your life.  This design has historically been understood and readable only by experts in East Asian Metaphysics, Chinese or non-Chinese.

I want to change that.

BaZi GroundSpring

“What Chu Talking About Gonzo?”

BaZi For the Rest of Us

Math does not have to be hard.  I know this first hand.  BaZi is more than ‘capturing’ the correct data in the precise time cycle that is most influential to the individual’s life long time line.  Understanding your BaZi is a lot like understanding yourself.  You know your weaknesses, (that we often tell no one), you know your strengths, (that we subconsciously tell everyone), you may know your fears, but you tend to not know what is innately right with you.  If you do, question that authority.  Own that authority.  No one owns you, (hopefully), except you.

BaZi GroundSpring

The Piano Man knows.

The extent of your ‘mental transfer’ to understand the BaZi requires an underlying paradox.  My BaZi mentor, Manfred Kunby tells me:

“..the mental transfer that is intrinsic [of] the inner relationship between the eight characters depends on the individuals ability to think by abstraction.”

BaZi GroundSrpring

Yeah, something like that.

In principle, it is more favorable to get rid of the usage of tables, graphs and so called “charts” when understanding your BaZi.  This inhibits the development of abstract thinking in the realm of the BaZi Suan Ming.  The larger gap on the dependence of tables, graphs and charts in the practice of the BaZi, the better the probablity to develop abilities for abstract association in order to generate, (ironically), a correct and precise interpretation of the information within your BaZi basic chart design.

BaZi Dude GroundSpring

No worries, I will do this cat’s BaZi as well.

On the other hand, the interpretation of the BaZi depends, first and foremost on the correct calculation of all the data and information derived from the eight characters.  To bring this progression of thinking of Chinese Metaphysics into full circle, the use of tables, graphs and charts are necessary to derive the precise and correct information.

BaZi Close one GroundSpring

Healing requires the ability for you to participate in your journey of vitality and promise.  A Life Reading helps end your moments of depression, suffering and uncertainty.  Components within the BaZi Suan Ming, Life Path Readings and the Heart-Centered Calculation (the Xin Suan Fa) that is utilized by me when doing consults helps isolate those moments of blockage in your timeline.  Understanding your BaZi helps to understand and correct the transgressions, negativity and past barriers of fear and guilt that runs deep within our DNA.  It’s like this:

The war that lies on the other side of silence,
the forest fire that is fierce and denying
walk out into the street
sing your heart out
The plead for we meet
will not be drowned out
there’s nothing you have that I need

Just breathe. Treat yourself better today. Sing your heart out. Find grace and breathe.

U2 BaZi Groundspring

They know too.


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