The Path to Healing

Through the last several weeks I have been doing some soul searching about life and thinking of my own mortality.  The passing of Dr. Pert gave me time for some reflection- (albiet abrupt reflection) – however it was also a renewed vigor on what it means to live.  The past holds many gifts- some negative, some positive and some in between. While living in the moment is the thing to do, knowing when those singular moments of clarity is upon us is something else.  Why settle for silver when you can attain gold?

BaZi Acupuncture are telling me this is possible?

The path to healing begins with you and your BaZi.  If you feel stuck, have decisions you need to make or really just want to generally Open the Door to Your Destiny, please read on.

How do you measure success?  Money? Fame? Happiness? How do you know that you are truly on the road to where you need to go?  The BaZi Suan Ming helps in these life decisions.  Think of the advantages knowing your BaZi can provide significant advantages, if you know what you are looking at and what you are looking for.  All of this information can be explained by understanding the BaZi as a Map of Your Destiny.

Bazi Acupuncture

Realized he could have used a BaZi consultation.

While we may need Captain Jack Sparrow for other ventures, we certainly do not need him for the interpretations of your BaZi Suan Ming.  Your BaZi chart is your “Life Map.”  It provides you the following information:

  • Who YOU are- This is known as your ‘Day Master,’ your ‘Self-Element’ or your ‘Element.’
  • Why YOU are born the way you are- This is known as your ‘Structure’ or ‘Design’ or ‘Cosmic Flow.’
  • How do YOU capitalize on your strengths and weaknesses- This is known as your ‘Profile.’
  • It helps with Your LONG TERM GOALS- this is known as ‘Your Luck Cycle’
  • It helps with Your IMMEDIATE APPROACH in a situation- this is known as ‘Your Annual Cycle.’

The main reason to have your consultation is to help assess what I have referred to as the ‘positioning’ and ‘scheduling’ component of your life.  I have had time and time again where clients, patients, friends, family, friends of family and complete strangers telling me ‘Yes I know my animal or other type of spectral entity.’  Typically at this point, I am genuinely curious how they know this information and what the respective symbology means in their lives.  What I usually get is a blank stare.  I explain to them that knowing such knowledge should have relevance, but more so the information should be useful in their search for a better tomorrow for themselves and their loved ones.  Some folks think they have if all figured out.

BaZi Acupuncture

Yeah, you get the idea.

BaZi for the Rest of Us: First Steps

There are those who want to learn and those who think they know it all. We know people like this and perhaps we may think we “know it all” at times as well.  “BaZi for the Rest of Us ” is something we all should look into. It’s not only one way to look at a problem.  It is also one way to analyze your future to make key choices in those decision making processes.

Gonzo is offering a course in the BaZi Suan Ming

Yes, you read that correctly.  Details are below.  Talk to you soon. If you want to join in on the fun, do not hesitate to contact me.  Your future is just around the corner.  For more information on classes click here.

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