Manfred and Me

Very few of us have the opportunity to witness brilliant people in their prime.  (At least in the Bazi Suan Ming world of things.)  I know I “have the luck” when events like this occur.  I refer to these people as  “mad scientist”  brilliant. [read: in the loving and kind sort of way of the mad scientist] and I really do mean...brilliant. They are almost ‘monastic’ in their ways.  They throw caution to the wind and let the dendrites in their brain form.  They are in their craft and they build upon it. In public, most of the time, the Bazi master finds themselves surrounded by a crowd that resembles a paparazzi of sorts-which really defeats the purpose of this artist’s gift(s) to the world.  I had the privilege to host Dr. Manfred Kubny, Ph.D., a bonafide Bazi Master.  In most Bazi circles, many Asian Bazi masters consider him the #1 non-Asian Bazi expert in the world.  Dr. Kubny is a trained Sinlogist, and Chinese Classics linguist.  He reads and translates Chinese classics.  This is his “day job.” By night, he enters the Bazi. He is a professor at a university in Berlin, Germany.  He trained for eight years under two Bazi masters in Taiwan in the 1970s and early 1980s.  He visited Portland, Oregon recently to teach an advanced seminar on the Bazi SuanMing.   My family and I had the opportunity to host him and I got to ‘soak up the Bazi SuanMing.’

Bazi GroundSpring

Manfred Kubny, Bazi Expert

After Dr. Kubny’s second day here, all I could do was see Bazi table after Bazi table, chart after chart and look at the different classes of clash, combine and destroy elements in a birth chart. It was exhilarating and challenging all at the same time.  This is what I learned:

Even so called “Bazi Experts” do not understand the Bazi.

I tell my colleagues and peers, “Show NOT Tell” your Bazi educational material.  If a Bazi expert develops the SuanMing as a set of short cut crash course rules that they cannot explain or follow, then the so-called “Bazi Expert” is making up rules that probably do not exist in the world of Bazi SuanMIng.  Let’s say you feel like that Feng Shui / Bazi consultant.  The system collapses around you.  You tear up at every hostile spirit, water feature and set of “lucky Buddhas”  you encounter.  You soon realize you are unable to express the Bazi SuanMing’s gift of evaluation and positioning of one’s decisions for their life.  And then you think to yourself…

Bazi GroundSpring

“Why that’s uh…” Well, you get the idea.

When I first began learning the art of the “day count” system in my own family’s Native American calendar system 40 years ago, I had several conclusions that still reverberate in my head:

[1] I did not know there was more.

[2] I did not understand what was being expressed.

[3] No one explained it to me.

Granted I had not turned five years old at the time.  So that is excusable.  I was only four years old.

Bazi GroundSpring

Black Buffalo Tipi circa 1934.  The Sky is My Tipi.

I have had my “epic encounters” with the Bazi SuanMing.  I walked away from it time and time again thinking, what the hell is this and where is the dynamic center located?  I had attempted time and time again to understand the mystery of the  Bazi SuanMing.  At that time, I came to several conclusions that still reverberate in my head:

[1] I did not know there was more.

[2] I did not understand what was being expressed.

[3] No one explained it to me.

Does this sound familiar? My goal is to change the transmission of the concepts of the Bazi (and other “Almanacs”) in order to promote the understanding of the SuanMing. These almanacs from Asia and America do not need to be foreign, confusing nor impossible to access.

Bazi GroundSpring

Bazi SuanMIng as the “Speaking Medicine.”

The heart of the “Alternative Medicine Revolution” is that emotions matter.  We know it. We feel it in our Body. We feel it in our Mind. We feel it in our Soul.  So how can the Bazi help you? There are many ways to focus on the Bazi and for the next several months we will explore those possibilities.  The goal for these courses is to make change in your life and know that you can really control your Destiny.  It’s only a matter of Time.  Other parts of the world are taking advantage of the Bazi, from the boardrooms to the classrooms.  They are understanding its advantages that tomorrow is today and it takes more than hard work and intelligent thinking to see things in a manner that is beneficial for their lives.  The problem is most of the time, people think they are right in how they think when they make “big” decisions. My point is that retrospectively, your ancestors from Ireland, England, greater parts of Eastern Europe, East L.A.  and East Singapore all thought this at one point:

“There has got to be a better way.”  

My Native American ancestors thought this way over a millenia ago. Your ancestors did too.  It’s not only a matter of “speaking” and “expressing” the Bazi, but to understand it on a level that helps our consciousness move forward in today’s world.

Why wait

I will be launching a further series of Bazi classes in the coming year.  This takes time effort and educational material preparation. There will be a review session before class usually the previous evening.  All classes are on a Saturday from 1-5pm at GroundSpring Healing Center, for location click here. These are included at no additional cost. The class topics for 2014 will go as follows:

January 18th, 2014: DIY Bazi and the Life Palaces

February 8th, 2014: Love, Romance and Hot Sex

March 8th, 2014: Your Health and the Medical Bazi

April 12th,  2014: The Bazi of Children

May 10th, 2014:  Bazi in the Workplace

So saddle up and get ready to ride into the world of the Bazi SuanMing!  You future begins today.

Bazi Groundspring

Excellent candidate for the Bazi Class.

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