Ming Gong 命宮: The Life Palace in Your Bazi

There is a category of analysis in the Bazi SuanMIng known as the 12 Life Palaces or Ming Gong 命宮.  The reading of the Life Palaces aka the Ming Gong  is essential in Bazi SuanMing.  The Ming Gong is similar in the sense of identification and naming of each “Palace” within the Zi Wei Do Shou (Purple Star Astrology) system.  The majority of the literature translated into English with regards to Bazi Suan Ming resembles a biker bar brawl at a flea market.   Things are strewn about.  People’s feelings get hurt.  Confusion runs amok.  At the end of the day, you find your food cart tossed aside for cheap trinkets. Much of the literature compares too many different astrology systems (Western, Vedic and Purple Star to name a few), without going into detail how they are analogous or how they differ.  The fact that the word Gong is used within Chinese metaphysics is a common thing.  The analogy ends there. It’s sort of like saying people breathe to speak. It doesn’t mean we all speak the same language.  In fact, we speak many languages in the world, (literally and metaphorically) -yet we need to breathe in order to speak. Bazi is like breathing. You use it every day. You just don’t know it until the attention is brought to you.  When Bazi, Feng Shui and other lifestyle/metaphysical arts practitioners confuse the many systems of Chinese Metaphysics, I refer them to my favorite Feng Shui and Bazi consultant:

Bazi GroundSpring

“Purple Star” You Say?

Do you want to know your Destiny? Do you want to know where your potential still has not been developed?  Do you think you can do better than you are doing today?  Using the Ming Gong 命宮 helps in review of your past and present and future relationships with the world.

十二宮命宮八字算命: The 12 Palaces and the Concept of Fate

Listed below are the 12 Palaces used in Bazi SuanMing:

1.  Life Palace 命宮 (Ming Gong)

2.  Palace of Brothers and Sisters 兄弟宮 (Xiong Di Gong)

3.  Palace of Relationships 夫妻宮 (Fu Qi Gong)

4.  Palace of Children 孫子宮 (Sun ZI Gong)

5.  Palace of Wealth and Prosperity 財帛宮 (Cai Bo Gong)

6.  Palace of Living Space 天宅宮 (Tian Zai Gong)

7.  Palace of Social Position 官祿宮(Guan Lu Gong)

8.  Palace of Friendship 奴僕宮 (Nu Pu Gong)

9.  Palace of Risk 危疾宮 (Wei Ji Gong)

10.  Palace of Ethics 褔德宮 (Fu De Gong)

11.  Palace of Movement and Expression 遷移宮(Qian Yi Gong)

12.  Palace of Parents 父母宮 (Fu Mu Gong)

What does this mean?

The Ming Gong provides another level of analysis in order for you to understand how to better inform yourself of a situation at hand.  Remember, the first step is not to figure out the what, but figure out the where.  Where in your time line are you?  Are the parameters for your schedule and decision at the optimum decree?  Taking my class in January really helps this challenge.

Bazi as the Study of Knowledge

Bazi is rooted in the Chinese Classical literature that can be traced back to the 春秋时代, (Chun Qiu Shi Dai,) the Spring and Autumn Period of ancient China, (771-476 BC.)  Bazi is a form of studying knowledge.  The Chinese Classics would refer to the Bazi as 命理, (the Ming LI,) the knowledge of life or they would sometimes refer to the Bazi as 命术, (the Ming Shu,) the technique of life.  The Bazi as we know it today is based on the teaching of Xu Zi Ping of the 唐朝Tang Dynasty, (618-907 A.D.)

The study of Time

Remember, Bazi is the study of time.  It provides a variety of meaningful insights into a person’s personality and timing of events.  It utilizes the combination of the Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches to assemble a picture of how time affects us, all the time. Now that we have had an introduction to another facet of the Bazi Suanming, send me your questions and comments on this subject matter. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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