Baby It’s Cold Outside

Have you ever noticed that when people, friends, relatives or relative strangers have nothing to say the conversation always turns to the weather?  “Some weather we are having,” or “It hasn’t gotten cold like this in years,” or “We have not seen this kind of weather in a long time.”  Little did they know that they are talking about something that is essential in the Bazi SuanMing: the dynamic relationship between your birth date and the season you are born in.  Understanding this dynamic on a deeper level helps you reduce your challenges, worries and helps magnifies potential outcomes in today’s world.

Bazi GroundSpring

What,  you have no worries?

If you have no worries, good for you.  Why don’t you go back home, where you live in that van, down by the river and inspire yourself.  For the rest of us, let’s see how the Bazi SuanMing works with our speculations on life and love.

Don’t Take No for an Answer

There is a challenge when understanding the Bazi chart with so many variables. There is the measure of strength to your Day Master, with the ‘agreement’ it has with the Heavenly Stems, Earthly Branches, the Season, and  the “Time.”  You have to then correlate categories with the Ming Gong, the Great Life Pulse and the classifications popularly known as the 10 Gods.  (To confuse things, these are not gods or dieties in the sense we would know spirits.)  In addition, we include an examination of the agreements your Day Master has a host of other designates that have really cool names like Demon of the Red Beauty and the Nobleman of Heavenly Fortune.

Bazi GroundSpring

The 10 Gods.

What happens at the end of the day, (or at least the end of your day-) is our bodies need to rest and digest.  Some my friends unfortunately misread this and like “rest and digress.”  Even with these folks, (you know who you are), they can use the Bazi SuanMing to their advantage.  Understand yourself by understanding your strengths and your challenges within your own Bazi chart.  You can start taking inventory of your own emotional intelligence and spiritual contact with the greater world and figure out a little more where you belong on this planet.

Five Elements Gone Wild

Do you know if you are a ‘Yin Fire?” Or a “Yang Wood?”  Are you a Goat, Snake or Rabbit in the Chinese Zodiac?  What does this really tell you?  These characteristics mean nothing without context.  You cannot ascertain any value of the ‘self’ element of the Day Master without knowing, first and foremost if the ‘season supports’ your Heavenly Stem of the Day Pillar.  There are enough variables within a chart where a person cannot make a hasty generalization about a person’s personality, lifestyle or characteristic behavior.  If the Feng Shui fortune teller is adamant when they say that the “rabbit means this” or the “dragon means this,” then by all means eat at more Chinese restaurants.

BaZi Acupuncture

Knowing your zodiac ‘animal’ is worth less than the Chinese restaurant place mat that made you a Bazi expert.

Friends don’t Let Friends do bad Bazi

I don’t know how many times I have to listen to Lady GaGa in this life time but I have been around long enough to see this kind of ‘expression’ in music before – albiet, the ‘meat as clothing’ theme is unique.  Bazi is like this too.  How many people need to keep reinventing something that has already been done?  I like the idea that if you embrace the Bazi, you do push the parameters of your own consciousness. You do understand, that, heaven forbid, you do not control everything.  If you want to plot the course, take my course, read a book, donate to help people in the Phillipines. Whatever gets you thinking that you are connected to the bigger picture and what you do does matter.  I have had friends that have told me, they themselves “do not matter.”  Their life is not important.  I have had friends that have taken their own lives to the grave thinking this.  I have lost relatives, colleagues and people I wish I could have known better too soon in their life.  At the end of the day,  I am still willing to try to understand where consciousness will take me and what happens the next day.  Be ready. Know you are ready. Take charge of your life. Know your Destiny.  It’s just a click away. (You can click here now.)

BaZi Destiny GroundSpring game

No Bazi, No Destiny. Know Bazi, Know Destiny.

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