Bazi By Any Other Name

There is an old Apache saying that says “Your Biology is your BIography,” or “Your Story is Your Body.”  This applies to every form of medicine and healing on the planet.  The trend toward Mindfulness and Mind Body approaches provide me with some hope that perhaps one day our health care system in the USA can be salvaged.  In the meantime, approaches that are useful in helping navigate one’s healing process, ‘health and weatlh’ index and the prospects that you can find a better tomorrow is deeply ingrained within the Bazi SuanMing.  You just have to know what you are looking for and where you are looking for it.  Some people are searching for their path.  Others have a monkey on their back. What happens when you have both?

Bazi GroundSpring

Mesmerizing, isn’t it? Time to “Par-Tay.”

There are number of approaches to help understand where you find yourself in your own personal timeline.  One basic approach to unlock your own personal Bazi is to understand the kinds of “Structures” within the Bazi chart.  This post provides an overview of the myriad of potential structures one has associated with their own SuanMing.

The Chinese character for structure or pattern within the Bazi is  , (pronounced “Guh” – rhymes with “DUH”).  When you are perusing down the aisle of Bazi SuanMing you may be overwhelmed by the variety of the ‘kind of structures’ that are available.

Bazi GroundSpring

Yeah, It’s kinda like that…HOW MANY STRUCTURES?

Only Two Kinds

Thank goodness there are only two kinds of structures in the Bazi SuanMing. HOWEVER, leave it to East Asian philosophy  to make it not as simple as that.  Technically, “within the bell curve” of Bazi charts you have “Normal” structures and “Special” structures.   Rather than provide a list upon list of the special kinds of structures, I think the distinction between the two types of structures is best kept to general description for the time being.   FYI: I know 49 unique ‘special structures’ that are NOT named after any of the 10 Gods.  (Recall, in “Bazi Speak” the 10 Gods are really the Bazi version of personality profiles).

Here is a “list” of some of these more unique structures:

Follow image 从象

Transformation image 化象

 Fake Follow 假从

Fake Transformation 假化

 Zi and Wu twins 子午双包

At this point in “Adventures in Bazi Land,”  it is important whether you have a “Normal” structure or you do not have a “Normal” structure.  This allows to proceed correctly and accurately with the positioning and evaluation of decisions you have made in the past or about to make in the future.

Bazi GroundSpring

 Zi and Wu twins 子午双包

The Evolution of Bazi Thinking

There are many lines of analysis one can use within the Bazi SuanMing,  but there are two, true distinctions of direction and position that allows the Bazi Suan Ming to illuminate in your life:

[a] the rendering of the elemental classification and its combinations of the Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches compared to

[b] the focus of on the importance of the distribution of Yong Shen (the operating consciousness) within the basic disposition of the Bazi SuanMing.

It comes down to this: Elements versus Flow. Our job as Bazi enthusiasts is to help our fellow human being, friend, relative and relative stranger into the amazing sets of information we can deliver to them.  If we are fail at providing at an accurate and transparent transmission to such knowledge base, then we have not fulfilled the dreams and aspirations of those Bazi masters that can before us.

It is important to note that regardless of the type of structure you have within the chart, or potential pitfalls one may interpret within the chart, without the understanding of a conceptual framework and a criteria for the evaluation of the Bazi, one runs the risk of recklessness and permanent meaninglessness.  You will be trapped  in the world of East Asian minutiae of golden frogs, “Lucky Buddhas” and waving cats from your windowsill.  At this point, you may think to yourself, “those days back in Hazzard County weren’t so bad, were they?”

Bazi GroundSpring

Remember those “Lucky” Duke boys?

Be well. Stay warm.  Keep reading those signs for your next moment that forms your Destiny.  Bo and Luke did, so can you.

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