Temazcal Tonantzin: Ceremony with the Virgen de Guadalupe

Almanac of the Soul

Virgen de Guadalupe, Albuquerque, New Mexico, December 2013

The universe sends us some very interesting messages.  Some are reminders of our past and others are reminders of what our future may bring.  I have been very lucky to have been born into a indigenous faith healing tradition that blends my Native American, Tejano and Mexican roots.  I recently have had the opportunity to examine up close and personal some of those distinct details, speaking with and learning several ‘blessings’ from an older Cubano in his 90s who long practiced Macumba in Cuba before arriving on a raft in Miami in 1971.  To that extent, I ended up visiting several Botanicas in Los Angeles, California walking away with some lessons learned on ‘old school’ ways of doing ceremony. The following week I was in Albuquerque, New Mexico attending a Barral Institute workshop on brain and spinal cord injuries.  Of course this Curandero also met up with a group of very adept traditional healers in Curanderismo and was able to participate in a Virgen de Guadalupe celebration held in a traditional Temezcal– the type of sweat lodge that has been used by the Aztecs, Mayans, Toltecs and those that came before.  What I learned was this:

[1] There is ‘old school’ and then there is “old school.”

[2] Old ways of knowledge and teaching are dying out an accelerated rate.

[3] The food is EXCELLENT in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Understanding one’s life begins with not the “what” but it begins with the “where.”  This means that instead of searching “life time after life time” of trials, tribulations, challenges, and emotional sabotage, the Almanac of the Soul helps you focus on a strategy to find a better tomorrow, today.  HOW you go about this is first understanding where you are in your own timeline.  Secondly, you begin to understand (with assistance of course) where you can further develop an alignment of these insights to implement your plan to benefit the timeline you find yourself in.  The problem with most people is that they tend to skip steps, take short cuts or think they really know how to handle life changing events.  The other challenge is that there is myriad of ‘advisers’ ready to provide relief, suggestions, products and other ‘wares’ that may not exactly yield the results the person may be looking for.

Almanac of the Soul

Another Feng Shui advisor. Probably Portland, Oregon.

You never stop learning. You certainly never stop learning about yourself.  The main focus on healing begins with the healer within.  WIth excellent guidance, facilitation and support you will prosper better in your endeavors.

Meanwhile, Back In The Lodge

Ceremony in the Temezcal can take you different places.  Just like many other kinds of sweat lodges, smoke houses, kiva, inipi and other traditional (and sometimes not so traditional) places of prayer, there is always a chance of conflict from those within.  This can be for a wide variety of reasons, but in the end- you think we could all get along.  Most of the time, the person facilitating the ceremony experience will have enough helpers to keep the ground, a sacred ground and the ceremony a time for peace.

Almanac of the Soul

Temezcal lodge, the one where I participated in the Virgen de Guadalupe ceremony.

Tonantzin in Pre-Hispanic world view is known by many names.  She is considered the feminine in all things in all indigenous cultures from Saskatchewan, Canada to Tierra del Fuego, at the most southern end of South America.  Other cultures include a variation of the feminine including the Virgin Mary in Catholicism and the Guan Yin in Buddhism.  The “curious” thing about systematic genocide and conquest of the 1600s in this part of the world, is that Mexico City’s Basillica de Guadalupe (the church of Guadalupe), the most important religious construction in Mexico, was built on the hill of Tepeyac, the central location where the Tonantzin was worshipped during pre-Columbian times.

Almanac of the Soul

Coincidence? What do you think Ace?

There is an interesting relationship when you ponder the questions about mind, body and spirit working together as we walk on our everyday lives.  Where do we think our minds make our decisions?  How do we choose a path or a divergence of paths to fulfill our dreams?  Some people are so tired that they think they dream no more.  Some people are so depressed they feel the continuos cycle of defeat and darkness ends up taking the better part of their psyche. Whether I help one person or a thousand, the issues are the same:  My goal is to make your tomorrow a brighter day.

Almanac of the Soul

With her help, people really do help themselves.

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