East Bound and Down

When pressure mounts in your life, we tend to resolve to use the same methods of trying to figure things out.  We are adamant when we tell ourselves, “I will not let that happen again” or “Never again” or some other rationalization that calms our own monkey mind.  When the proverbial button gets pushed-  that says we DEFINITELY will try harder- failure at times, is just around the corner.

Jerry reed

Do You Remember Jerry Reed?

Do you know where you are really going? Do you understand the decisions that you make?  How do you know you have made the ‘right’ decisions?

BaZi Acupuncture GroundSpring

Brother, can you spare a can?

There is an old Apache saying that says, ‘What you bring your attention to, you then become conscious of.’  Boiling it down- it’s AWARENESS.  But not in the namby pamby way of thinking about being ‘aware.’  Here is a suggestion, take the cue from indigenous peoples in Indian Country- from the Ktnuaxa Nation up North, to my own Lipan Apache Tribe in Texas. When living in this world we live in, often times there are so many scattered images of destruction, decay and at times messages of hope. Or cat videos.

BaZi Acupuncture Groundspring

Yes, I have friends who can spend hours doing this.

What seems to be the better choices when you make them? What components are in ‘play’ when things seem ‘to be going the right way’ or at times when ‘things seem to be going the wrong way’ in your life?  Take some of the ‘guess work’ out of your luck.  Just like my grandma and my other family members would teach me- when it comes to oracle tradition- you can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make it drink. Whether it be the healing or divination arts, you still have to provide enough stability to help you and your friends along the way.  So change the way you eat, change the way you live and change the way how we treat each other.  These are great ‘next steps’ but that is not enough.

Understanding You

As we have the right to build communities, we also have the inalienable right to an existence without a life ruled by dogma from polarizing points of view.  When did we identify ourselves by who we voted for? When did this nightmare of Red vs. Blue emerge?  As my uncle likes to say, “nephew, these are first world problems.”  My contribution is to help you chart your destiny and help you see a course of action through.  You and I on this journey together can create some remarkable outcomes.  Study your ‘timeline’ and envision a better tomorrow.

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