Welcome to DoubtMyself Land

Here we are again. Welcome to a land I call, “DoubtMyself Land.” Have you ever been here? Be prepared because DoubtMyself Land has no Gas, Food or Lodging.  What it can prepare you for is a way to leave you questioning and feeling yourself immobilized.  Do you every feel that you are stuck and looking for direction? Look no further, to begin your journey I suggest you consult The Almanac of the Soul.


Expression of the 12 Chinese Zodiac.

 What is the Almanac of the Soul?  Is it this blog? It is my forthcoming book?  The answer is Yes and Yes.  However, I also consider the “Almanacs” are those ancient algorithms that can be found within the Wan Nian Li (the 10,000 year Chinese Calendar) and the Tzolkin/Tonalpouhualli (the calendars inherited by the Aztecs and the Mayans.)  Think about the monumental effort that produced such works.  More importantly, these ancestors of antiquity knew that we modern folks may have a hard time grasping these concepts.  SO THEY PUT THEM IN STONE.

Almanac of the Soul

Expression of the Tonalpohualli

Who can define an expression of sunrise and sunset as it directly affects human nature?  How do we understand the course of human events when we think we understand what event “caused” which event?  How do you know, “that you know?”

Almanac of the Soul

Well, are you?

My grandmother used to tell me the hardest thing in the world is to know yourself.  Using the tools that we find in these Almanacs provide a point of reference for decision making, incremental choices and confirmation of certain people and events from the past.  I am tired of second guessing which paths lead to “DoubtMyself Land.” Aren’t you?

I provide teachings and training programs in the study of both the Wan Nian Li and the Tzolkin/Tonalpohualli.  You can find a listing on the “Classes and Training Programs” on this blog. I find that when I have my own doubts, I honor the earth, my elders and myself.

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