Bazi Trainings

Chinese Astrology Class

Foundations of the Four Pillars of Destiny I

This class introduces Bazi Suan Ming, (八字算命) the Four Pillars of Destiny Chinese Astrology.

Bazi Suan Ming is the root of correlation, diagnosis and prognosis of Classical and Traditional Chinese Medicine and its Metaphysics Sciences.

The course participant will have a concise and clear command of the Bazi schematic of Chinese and English characters, the understanding of the process of how to use the Bazi Suan Ming and the tools to apply the evaluation of people and events in the course of what the ancient Chinese sages referred to as the “Great Life Pulse.”

Dates: January 23rd, 24th and 25th, 2015

Times: Friday 6-9pm, Saturday 9-6pm Sunday 9-6pm

Fee: $400

Approved for 18 PDA/CEUs (NCCAOM)

Instructor: Gonzo Flores, LAc, MAcOM, AOBTA-CI (Medical Qigong)

Location: Phoenix, Arizona. Contact Gonzo for details. 

Contact: Gonzo Flores, 503-244-1330,

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