How do I Start? 入門

入門 (Getting Started)

Life Readings can tell you that you control your destiny, your fate.  I develop your roadmap of your past, present and potential futures. Yes, I say future in the plural because there are many possibilities for your future. Your future is right around the corner.

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Breaking down Your Life Reading

[1] Who You Are

[2] What is the Natural Disposition of when and where you were born

[3] How do you Capitalize on Your Strengths and Weaknesses

[4] Build Your Goals, (Relationships, Family, Health, Career & Wealth)

[5] Forecast Your Potential Futures

[6] Strategize Your Long Term Goals

[7] Focus on Your Present Approach

“East Meets West”

When People hear the phrase “East meets West” they often think of Eastern Philosophy of Asia engaging with Western European culture. This is often the case.

Our version of “East meets West” goes like this:

The indigenous calendar of the East meets the indigenous calendar of the West

Deriving calculations from two of the most ancient almanacs to have survived time, the Wan Nian Li originated in times of ancient China and the Tonalpouhualli, originated in times of ancient Native America. They do not call these respective “Book of Days” or  the ‘10,000 Year’ Calendars for nothing!  An analysis of a Life Reading  can comprise of one or both of these two time tables with their in depth configurations.  What really is key on the calculation and reading is dependent on what you need and what you want to yield in your life.

The first step to your future is to remember that your body and spirit says “Yes- yes I can.”

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